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BOM - Gardner, Dorothy

Dorothy Gardner

BOM – Rupert, Susan

Susan Rupert
President Elect

Paula McKinney

Sonia Smith


Sparkl Pruitt 
Events Coordinator

Elaine Gerstenberger Bylaws & Procedures Chair

Carla Wiese
Vice President & Director of Legislation

Angie Warner

Angie Warner
State Legislative Chair

Will Wiese
Advocacy Chair

Christine Kent
Vice President & Director of Membership

Doty Hoffman
Membership Growth and Development Chair

BOM – McGhee, Burchell

Burchell McGhee
Diversity Outreach & Engagement Chair

Missouri PTA

Student Involvement Chair

Vice President & Director of Programs

Carrie Dixon
Resource Development Chair

Reflections Chair

Amy Blakemore
Vice President & Director of Communication

BOM – Wade, Stephanie

Stephanie Wade
Information Technology Chair

Kristina Wilmoth
Public Relations Chair

Andrea Battaglia
Contact Editor

Sarah Day Vice President and Director – Field Service

Sarah Day
Vice President & Director of Field Services

Regional Director – Foothills

Pat Higginbotham
Regional Director – Gateway

Regional Director – Heritage

Regional Director – Mark Twain

Regional Director – Meramec


Tori Sallee
Regional Director – Ozark

Brian Mercer
Regional Director – Pony Express

Ashley Fulton
Regional Director – Three Trails

Laura Reaves
Regional Director – Three Trails

Charolette Gantt
Regional Director – Three Trails

Kim Weber
Immediate Past President
Scholarship Chair

Mary Flatt
Administrative Assistant

Leonard Young

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