Advocacy Chair – Will Wiese

Your Name:  Will Wiese

MoPTA Board of Managers Position:  Advocacy Chair

Years Involved in Board of Managers:  4 Years

What does your position do?:  Coordinate with the VP of leg. campaigns supporting PTA positions

Unit/Council, Region & Years Involved:  Show Me PTA/8 years

Why are you involved in PTA?:  My Mom got me involved and I have stuck with it


Food/Drink:  I will eat just about anything

Season:  Winter

Activities/Hobbies:  Computers, and Cars

More about you:

Describe yourself in 3-5 words:  Ambitious, leader, team-player

Healthy Living Tip:  Work out

What makes you stand out?:  Good at public speaking and leadership

What are you learning this year:  Advocacy

What is a goal you have this year?:  Get a new job

What is a proud accomplishment?:  Applied for National PTA student advocacy summit

Something interesting you’ve done this year:  Attended LegCon