Meet Your Board of Managers 2023-2026

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Christine Kent




Angie Warner


Gayle Richardson



Events Coordinator


Vice President of Legislation & Advocacy

Lori Prussman

Vice President of Membership Services/Outreach

Kristina Wilmoth

Vice President of Programs


Vice President of Communications

Anna Hardy

Bylaws & Procedures Chair

Christy Horner

Scholarship Chair

Layla Barbur

State Legislative Chair


Advocacy Chair

Holly Kaden

Membership Growth & Development Chair


Diversity Outreach & Engagement Chair


Regional Director – Pony Express


Regional Director – Three Trails Region


Regional Director – Ozark Region


Regional Director – Gateway Region


Regional Director – Foothills Region


Regional Director – Heritage Region


Regional Director – Mark Twain Region


Regional Director – Meramec Region

Adam Estes

Reflections Chair

Braiden Pace

Student Representative


Student Representative

Angie Hughes

Health & Safety Chair


Student Involvement Chair

Robb Barbur

Web Manager

Holli McLaughlin

Public Relations Chair


Contact Chair


Digital Social Media Chair

Carla Wiese

Immediate Past President

Denise Irminger, PRP