November 30, 2015 – Membership Monday

Tomorrow is December 1st!  What does that mean to PTA leaders?  2 Things!

1) Its a DUE DATE.

What is due December 1st of every year in order for your unit to remain in Good Standing?

  • Dues need to be remitted on the 1st of every month
  • Submit a copy of your required IRS tax form (or forwarded confirmation email of filed 990N e-postcard)
  • Submit a copy of your unit’s annual financial review
  • Submit a copy of your unit’s fiscal year-end report

Where do you submit these items or how to you find out more information on what these items are?

Dues:  Dues should be submitted to: Missouri PTA/2101 Burlington Street/Columbia, MO 65202    Every time you submit dues, please fill out and send a Dues Remittance Form with your submission.  Please be sure to print clearly and fill out the complete name of your unit, including unit ID number and region.  (We have multiple units with the same, or very similar, name located in different cities throughout Missouri.)
IRS/Treasurer Submissions:  Along with information available in the online Toolkit, examples and information on how to conduct the annual financial review, the fiscal year-end report and how to file your taxes all can be found under the Forms/Awards heading, located down the right hand side of Missouri PTA’s homepage.  Look for the End of Year Procedures sub-heading.
To be a unit in Good Standing, there are more requirements than just those listed as due December 1st.  The Unit-in-Good-Standing-Requirements document contains a list of all the requirements, including having your bylaws approved every three years, for you to be able to check your unit against.  Remember, for your unit to maintain group IRS tax exemption status, for your unit to be eligible for awards, for your students to be eligible for awards (such as the Reflections program), you must be a unit in Good Standing.  Units who complete the list of requirements move into Good Standing status as soon as all items are received in completion.  Please note that the online Reflections submission date to Missouri PTA is December 10, 2015. Please be sure your students are eligible by making sure your unit is in Good Standing!  If you have questions about the Reflections program, please visit the Reflections resource page of our website or email
2) Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday!
All across the nation tomorrow, folks will be giving back to the causes they care about most. Will you join us in supporting Missouri PTA this #GivingTuesday? Read more about Missouri PTA and Who We Are, then consider participating with us as families give back, embracing the spirit of the season. To donate to Missouri PTA, simply scroll down to the yellow Donate button on our homepage, or use this link.
Don’t forget that every unit in Good Standing is eligible for Missouri PTA’s Membership in Action promotion!  Every membership you submit to Missouri PTA by March 1, 2016, earns you a raffle ticket for a $2,000.00 prize!  Send in your dues and make sure your unit is in Good Standing!
Are you advertising the Member Benefits Providers made available to your PTA members?  Be sure to share with them the link to the National PTA website, as many of the businesses ask you for a code, or provide the direct link on the page to access the benefits. 
Businesses include:  AARP · Boxed  · Hertz · LifeLock · MetLife · Quicken Loans · Schwan’s Cares · Staples · Sylvan · TeenSafe

Did you know National PTA’s OUR CHILDREN magazine is now completely online?  With great articles, valuable information and resources, follow this link to check it out and share with your members!

PTA in One Minute, a monthly news series for PTA leaders on the go, launched two weeks ago.  Check out November’s minute and be looking for December’s!
Who is attending the annual Missouri PTA Convention April 22-24, 2016 in Columbia, MO from your unit?  Every unit should be sending at least one representative to Convention every year. Not only will we conduct the business of Missouri PTA, including elections and bylaws revisions, but we offer invaluable PTA training and networking for leaders. We are all volunteers; smart, professional and talented volunteers who prove ourselves responsible by attending training for our positions.  Please be sure to make plans now for a leader, or potential leader, from your unit to attend in April.
Hold close the memories you made with your families this Thanksgiving weekend and have a marvelous Monday,
Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

November 2, 2015 – Membership Monday

The Membership Department of Missouri PTA is very excited to announce the 2015-2016 Membership In Action promotion!  I’ve attached a flier with all of the information you will need.  This is a non-application award, you simply need to be a unit in good standing by March 1, 2016 in order to qualify. Every membership, individual or business, that you submit to Missouri PTA, will earn you a raffle ticket.

PTA/PTSA units across the state of Missouri will be divided up into one of three categories, based on DESE school enrollment numbers.  What does that mean for you?  It means that your unit will be competing against other units of similar school size for a prize of $2,000.00!  Increase your membership numbers and increase your chances to win an amazing prize.All dues must be postmarked by March 1, 2016 in order to qualify.  The winners will be announced at the April 2016 Missouri PTA State Convention in Columbia, MO.Wondering how many members we have noted for your unit, or if your unit is in good standing?  Check your unit’s dashboard found under the PTA Members Section of the Missouri PTA website, a valuable resource for PTA officers!

Have a marvelous Monday,

Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA

VP Department of Membership Services

September 28, 2015 – Membership Monday

That’s right, postmark your dues form by tomorrow, and your unit will be eligible for the Early Bird Award.  This is a non-application award, simply mail in your dues and you are eligible!  There will be winners in three categories: Early Childhood/Elementary/Special Education, Middle-School/Jr. High Combined, and High School.  The winners will be announced at the April 2016 Convention.

Speaking of Convention, when your unit’s budget was approved, was there a line item for training or Convention?  There should be!  One of the most valuable things you can do for yourself is to participate in training.  As a volunteer officer, you spend a lot of time trying to make sure that everything you are doing is for the children of your school and district; make your job easier by knowing how to be the best officer you can be. Training officers is ALWAYS a valuable use of PTA funds.October is nearly here, but that doesn’t mean your membership drive is over.  There are still many opportunities to have a table or be a presence at numerous school activities throughout the fall.  From Parent-Teacher Conferences to Homecoming events, make sure your PTA/PTSA is a presence and patrons know its not too late to join PTA.  Announce your goals and achievements at your first PTA/PTSA meeting.  Be sure to include articles in newsletters, email blasts and social media about what your PTA is accomplishing.  Approach area businesses about helping out with Staff/Teacher dinners during conferences. Encourage leadership in your students by asking them to help with the school book fair or help in planning Homecoming activities. Check your membership roster and your bylaws.  All of your officers and chair persons MUST be a member of PTA.  Do you plan on applying for the 100% Faculty Award?  Check your roster and see that all full-time Certified Personnel assigned to the building associated with your PTA, are members.

Keep up the good work and consider sharing your fall success with Missouri PTA.  We are always looking for great articles and pictures to share in our CONTACT magazine about individual units.  Your story may inspire someone else, so please network & share your success with us by submitting your story to
Have a marvelous Monday,Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 7

Sunday Membership Minute

PTA Leaders,

This will be the last of the weekly Membership Minutes for this week, and then I’ll begin the bi-monthly Membership Monday e-blasts.

Let’s talk recognition and awards!

You do a lot for your unit; more than can be listed on one full page.  Many of your efforts may go unnoticed or unappreciated, only because you quietly continue to work behind the scenes for your PTA/PTSA, and will never ask for anything in return.  Missouri PTA would like to recognize you and your unit for all of that effort!

Awards and recognition are a wonderful method of showing how your PTA goes above and beyond. I am going to highlight a few of them here for you; however, please take some time to look at all the awards available to your unit. Log into the PTA Member’s Section tab of and choose MO PTA Tools. Click on Awards from the show me: bar at the top.

Use these awards as a guideline for how you set goals for your PTA/PTSA unit.

Awards are broken down into categories: Individual, Achievement, Membership, Unit and Non-Application.  Any unit that would like to be considered for an award MUST be a Unit in Good Standing. All dues need to be postmarked by March 1st in order to be considered.  I will point out a few key things, but please take the time to read more about each award on our website.

*Let’s start with Non-Application.  The 1st one you need to note is the Early Bird Award.  Three units that send in the highest membership dues (based on last year’s total) postmarked before September 28, 2015 are eligible to win the Early Bird Award.  Non-Application awards also include the Oak Leaf Award, the Community Involvement Award, and the Golden Gavel Awards.

*Unit awards include the Health & Safety Award, the Parent Education & Engagement Award and the Male Engagement Award.

*Membership Awards include the Outstanding Membership Campaign Award, the Student Membership Award, 100% Faculty Award, and Council & Unit Membership Awards such as the Exclusive 100, the Silver Acorn and the Golden Apple.  I am attaching a few of these membership award applications so that you can get an idea of what applying for the award entails.

*Achievement Awards are Blue and Gold Seal, Council Achievement, Outstanding unit/council website or newsletter and the Advocacy Through Legislation Award.  These are not difficult to achieve, but do take an understanding of what is required so that you may complete the application when the time comes.

Set a goal to apply for at least two of the awards mentioned above!  Show your school and community that your PTA/PTSA deserves recognition for all the wonderful things that are accomplished during your tenure.  Missouri PTA can not wait to award your efforts!

Have a wonderful night and a great week to come,

Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 6

Saturday Membership Minute

PTA Leaders,

Missouri PTA is made up of volunteers across the state, just like you!  We have one (1) paid administrative position within our framework, and she works tirelessly to triage, answer questions and keep our office organized. Dedication and a belief in what PTA is all about, drives us to volunteer our time outside of the other jobs and activities we manage to balance.

In order for Missouri PTA to serve you, we need your help.  We need our units to update their officer information so we have a method of communication with our units.  We need units to remain active and “In Good Standing” by mailing in dues and sending us copies of the year-end financial documents and tax filings you’ve completed.  By doing so, you are able to take advantage of the 501c3 status that PTA holds.

How can you help?  With over 400 units and councils across the state, Missouri PTA Board of Managers are outnumbered!  Our amazing Communications department in conjunction with our webmaster has been working on a new feature on the Missouri PTA website that allows units to take ownership in their information.

Below is an email you should have received from Michele Reed, VP of Communications, Missouri PTA.  

Missouri PTA Officers,

Missouri PTA is committed to providing resources relevant to the needs of our members.  The annual Toolkit has been revamped with a new look and an easy to use electronic format.  This will enable PTA leaders to use the document on various devices and download the content to share with their members.  You can locate this resource, and many others, in the ‘MOPTA Tools’ under the ‘PTA Members Section’ of the website.

 This brings me to my next piece of information, over the past year we began to create an online system that will allow you to view any and all of your data that Missouri PTA requests as part of the “Unit in Good Standing Status”.  This information is also located under the PTA Members Section.  The attached power point which was presented at our Spring Conference (April 2015) will give you the information that you need to log in to your very own unit account.   The user name is your PTA unit ID.  The password is your PTA Unit EIN followed by the word P@sSW0rD (the @ sign for the A, and a zero for the O).  This account needs to stay with the unit and should be shared with your officers, especially the secretary and treasurer.  As with any system, we are constantly updating and working on the accuracy of the data.  All of the officer information that you have sent via email will be compared to our spreadsheet and updated where necessary.  We will also put in your dues payment information at a minimum of once a month so that way you will be able to determine whether or not a payment you have submitted has reached us. You as a unit are able to update your officer information, by clicking the Edit button when there has been a change at the local level.

We are still working on a special option for our councils which will allow a council to view all of the units that belong to the council and they will be able to verify which units are missing information and can assist Missouri PTA in collecting this information.

The 2015-2016 Reflections Tool Kit is in final stages and will be posted on the website as soon as possible.   The theme for this year is Let Your Imagination Fly, the Missouri PTA deadline is December 15, 2015.

Are you receiving your copy of the electronic CONTACT magazine from Missouri PTA?   It is mailed monthly via email address to all school district superintendents and to all officer email addresses we have on file in our records.  Please be sure to share this with your entire PTA – there is valuable information for parents as well as for your unit’s officers, chairs and members in each issue.

Finally I encourage you all to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, we post up to date and important timely information to our social media pages on a regular basis.  If you would like to join a special President Connect Group on our Facebook site, please be sure to visit .  You will have to request to join the group.   You can also request to join the President Connect Drop Box site by sending an email to .  The Drop Box site is a place for president’s to share resources and ideas with one another.

As always if you have questions or problems, please let me or any board of manager member know and we will be happy and ready to assist you.

Michele Reed
Vice President and Director of Communications
Missouri PTA

This email describes how to access your unit dashboard on the Missouri PTA website, with a unique username and password for your unit.  To get started, you need to go to and click on the PTA Members Section.  If you are a part of a Council, or are in contact with other units in your area, please ask if they’ve been able to access their dashboard.  Feel free to pass on this information to new Presidents and Membership Chairs so that all units have access to this wonderful feature.

We need your feedback too!  Please log in and use the dashboard.  Contact myselfMichele Reed, your Regional Director or Missouri PTA if you have questions, comments or suggestions on how we can improve this feature.

Thank you for volunteering your time and energy to PTA and to the children of Missouri!

Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 5

Friday Membership Minute

PTA Leaders,

Last night’s focus was on the resources and information available to us as PTA Leaders.Tonight I want to make sure you understand how to share the value of PTA with your members.

First and foremost, do not hesitate to advertise how much your PTA accomplishes!  The things you host, provide, and provide education on, should all have, “Brought to you by the {insert name here} PTA/PTSA”!  Be sure to put the PTA brand on your materials, fliers, newsletters, social media, etc.Your members don’t always know the value of what your PTA accomplishes if you aren’t willing to share that with them.  If you have questions about LOGO usage, please visit PTA Branding and Usage Guidelines and Logo Usage for information and access to logos.

Follow the 1:3 rule of thumb.  For every one fundraiser you do, your unit should provide three events focused on the PTA Mission. Whether you are welcoming families into the school with a breakfast, hosting a Science Night, or educating parents about the new technology their children are using in school; your PTA unit should be seen as a valuable resource in the school community.

Member Benefits are provided to every PTA member! As a PTA Leader, it is your responsibility to make sure that your members know about them. Not sure what they are?  Visit the Member Benefits Provider page of to read more information on how to access the member benefits.

Stay up to date on PTA events, social media happenings, special offers and more by subscribing to PTA Leadership Briefings, PTA Takes Action, PTA Parent, and Local Leader News. These are email blasts offered to you as a PTA Leader once you register your profile online at  Once you are logged in, manage your subscriptions and check the boxes of those you’d like to receive. Share this information with your members! Did you know about the TV airing tonight of Think It Up?

Here’s a note from a PTA Leadership Briefing I received:

Let’s Help Make Amazing Happen

National PTA is proud to support the Think It Up education awareness campaign and encourage you to watch the star-studded, live TV special Fri. Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. EDT, which will air on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. National PTA President Laura Bay, Executive Director Nathan R. Monell, CAE and Deputy Executive Director of Government Affairs and Communications Elizabeth Rorick will be at the event on behalf of the association. Share this campaign with your PTAs and schools, and urge students and teachers to participate in the campaign by submitting their projects on

Missouri PTA offers a toolkit of information every summer.  It is now completely online and offered to members as a benefit.  I am attaching a PDF from the Committees packet — check out pages 13-22 for great information and ideas on membership, resources and the tangible/intangible benefits of PTA membership.  You’ll need to log on to using your unit’s log in information sent to the President, or by using Diversity and password Means (case sensitive).

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Rebecca Cahi​ll​
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 4

Thursday Membership Minute

PTA Leaders,

Last night, one of the five items listed dealt with the benefits of membership, including resources, information, training, benefits and discounts.

I linked these so you would have just a sampling of what is available to you; both as a PTA leader and a member of PTA.

Tonight, I want to focus on resources available to you as a PTA leader.
  • As a PTA officer, you have access to the 2015-2016 Official PTA Back-to-School Kit! Don’t let the words “Back-to-School” fool you; this is a fabulous resource for the entire year and for all of your officers.  Be sure to bookmark it so you can reference the kit often.  There is SO much information available, I’m going to help you navigate the Membership tab by listing out some of the headings and information you can find there.
When you first hover over the green Membership tab, you will see the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) headings.  When you click on one, you are directed to a new page with more sub-headings in the right-hand column.  Each of those have information and sometimes more links!

Here’s an example:  I click on the green Membership tab and choose Membership Engagement.  Once on that page, I can choose from any of these options: NPTA Diversity & InclusionMilitary FamiliesPTA MORE AllianceRecognizing your Members, andTransitioning PTAs: When Your Child Changes Schools

Let’s say I want to know more about the PTA MORE Alliance (Men Organized to Raise Engagement).  Once I click on that link, I am provided with information about the MORE Alliance, a How-To Guide, the ABCs of Male Involvement, Ten Ways to Get Men More Involved in PTA, and a link to the PTA.MORE site on that shares four coalition partners (WATCH D.O.G.S., All Pro Dads, etc) and their links.

All that, and from just one of the 5 QRG Headings!

  • As a PTA Leader, you have access to the FREE e-Learning Library; online courses 30-40 minutes in length, designed to educate and train PTA Leaders.

The courses are broken down into three main categories: PTA Essentials, PTA Nuts & Bolts Series and Leadership Enhancement.  The Memberships Basics course is found in the PTA Nuts & Bolts Series.  You will need to create an online NPTA profile in order to access these courses. Once complete, you will receive a certificate of completion.

  • Want ideas for programs and how to engage families in your school?  Go to the At School tab from the NPTA website, and a list of resources come up in the left column.

The School of Excellence deadline is October 1st.  This free two-year program guides you through increasing parent engagement at your school.  The Family Reading Experience is a turn-key program designed for grades K-5, giving you all the tools you need to host a Family Reading night at your school!  While the program is “powered by Kindle”, you do not need a single electronic device to host the night and use the materials and tools available. Need information on Reflections Art Program (theme is Let Your Imagination Fly) or a How to Increase Physical Activity & Physical Education?  Its all just a few clicks away and FREE!

  • Don’t forget to check out the Membership, Programs/Services and Advocacy tabs on the Missouri PTA website for more information and ideas.  Take a look at the latest edition of CONTACT magazine for great articles and tips.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Pin on Pinterest with MO PTA.  Posts include reminders, deadlines, ideas and more!

Have a great evening,

Rebecca Cahill

Missouri PTA

VP Department of Membership Services

September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 3

Wednesday Membership Minute

PTA Leaders,

Let’s briefly tackle five Membership Basics tonight!

1)  Have a membership theme and a goal.  Having a membership theme helps your unit be a visible and recognizable presence throughout the year.  Missouri PTA always provides a theme, or you are welcome to use your own!  Please click here to use Missouri PTA’s “Spring Into Action” logo for 2015-2016.

Set a membership goal.  Look at last year’s numbers and your school enrollment to set a reasonable goal for membership numbers.  5% increase from the prior year is always a good rule of thumb.  Make sure you board, PTA members and school population know what your membership goal is.

2)  Membership provides benefits.  Every PTA member is automatically a part of Missouri PTA and National PTA.  Being a member allows you access to resourcesinformationtrainingbenefits and discounts.  Please be sure to take a look at our websites for invaluable information and ideas at your fingertips: and

3)  Membership means the right to vote and have a voice.  One Membership = One Card = One Vote   Many units ask about having a couple or family membership.  PTA encourages one membership per person due to the fact that every vote counts.  Every member should be reported on the Membership Dues Form.  Every voice counts when the power of PTA advocates for our children, whether at your child’s school, in your district, in Jefferson City or Washington D.C.  ALL children have the right to be healthy, stay safe and receive a quality public education.

4)  Membership is a year-round activity!  Not sure what you should be doing after the fall membership drive?  Take a look at the Membership Development Calendar to give you ideas and a timeline.  All PTA memberships are good for one year and expire on –June 30th.  It is never too late to join PTA and be a part of the wonderful things your unit does for your school and children.

5)  Know the PTA Mission and Purposes.  Post them at meetings and in newsletters.  Make sure they are online whether you use a webpage, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Make sure your members know exactly what PTA stands for.  When you keep the PTA Mission and Purposes at the forefront of everything you do, you simply can not go wrong.

 PTA is:

  • A powerful voice for all children
  • A relevant resource for all families and communities, and
  • A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child

The Purpose of PTA

  • To promote the welfare of the children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship
  • To raise the standards of home life
  • To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.
  • To bring into close relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth
  • To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education.

Have a wonderful evening,

Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 2

Tuesday Membership Minute

PTA Leaders,

As many of you have noticed, the PTA membership card has gone through some changes.

First, let me explain the previous process:
PTA units in Missouri would be mailed membership cards (sent to us by National PTA) to the new unit President in July.  The number of cards sent to each unit was based off of 75% of the previous year’s membership totals.  When a unit was ready to pay their first month’s dues and filled out the Membership Dues Form, they requested, on the form, for more cards to be mailed.

This year:
National PTA notified us in July that they would not be printing or sending membership cards.  As a result, Missouri PTA quickly worked with a vendor in order to get cards printed and out to units as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, printing 60,000 cards took longer than expected, and I sincerely apologize to those units that held their Back to School Nights without having received their membership cards.

In order to get membership cards out to units as quickly as possible, we set up a direct request form on our website for your unit President to request cards to be mailed to their address.  This request also allowed units to ask for as many membership cards as they set their goals for this year.  This request form is still active and can be accessed by clicking here.

Those of you that have received your membership cards will have noticed that this year they came with an invoice.  Missouri PTA cares about membership just as much as you do!  The PTA membership card is a sign that you are part of an association almost 6 million members strong that advocate for the health, safety and education of our children.  I am hopeful that the state and national dues mailed in to our office reflect the number of cards your unit requested.  If your unit will exceed the cards requested, please request more with your dues form!  By February or March, if you realize your unit will fall short of your goals, please mail the excess membership cards back to our office, and we will adjust your invoice accordingly.

**Do you know your unit’s membership goal for 2015-2016?  If not, talk about it!  Make sure your entire board knows your goal and announce it in your membership minute of general meetings.  Look at last year’s membership numbers and set a growth goal of 5%.
Remember that anyone can be a member of PTA: teachers, full-time staff, parents, grandparents, guardians and caregivers, as well as community and business partners.  Anyone can be a voice for children; are you asking everyone?

Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 1

PTA Leaders,Happy Labor Day!

I hope this weekend was a relaxing break after the whirlwind of Back to School activities.

You are receiving this email because Missouri PTA has your email marked as either a President or Membership Chair of a PTA unit or council.  If this has reached you in error, please take a moment to reply back to me so that I may remove you from my contact list.

Every day this week, you will receive a “Membership Minute” email, in order to help you navigate membership questions and some of the new resources and information available to you as a PTA Leader.  After this week, look for your Membership Monday emails to come bi-weekly with information and reminders meant to help you in your leadership role.

Thank you for volunteering your time, energy and commitment to the children of Missouri through your role in PTA!

Kind Regards,Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services