Order Your 2017-2018 Membership Cards!

Please complete the Membership Card Request Form below which will be submitted to the Missouri PTA Office.  Cards will be shipped to the address submitted.  They are pre-cut cards.  If you would rather have full sheets, or an electronic membership card, templates are provided below this form.  More Membership Resources are also provied below this form.  


NEW! Missouri PTA has created fillable PDF membership card resources that units can use to save some time!  We have the 2017-2018 membership card in a single card version and a multi card page version.
The single card can be filled out using a computer, saved as an image, and emailed to members to have on their phones.
The sheet version can be filled out and printed to hand physical cards to members.  Once you type the Unit ID and Unit Name on the first card, those fields copy to all the other cards on the sheet.  Then all you have to do is fill in member names and print!  OR you can just fill in the Unit ID and Unit Name, then print cards that member names can be written on as memberships are sold, and handed to the member right away.


Submit Membership Dues online (must pay with PayPal)

Printable Membership Dues form (fillable) for mailing dues

Membership Card Template (to print sheets on your own) – use Avery White Matte Clean Edge Business Cards #8871

Eight Strategic Mistakes with Memberships by Blue Avocado

Ellis Robinson and Blue Avocado, a magazine of American non-profits, posted an interesting article that discusses “Eight Strategic Mistakes with Memberships”.

  • Strategic Mistake #1: Encouraging people to become members.
  • Strategic Mistake #2: Over-using membership numbers in public.
  • Strategic Mistake #3: Thinking membership benefits are important.
  • Strategic Mistake #4: Not asking people to renew several times.
  • Strategic Mistake #5: Boring members by telling them what your organization does.
  • Strategic Mistake #6: Relying too much on electronic communication.
  • Strategic Mistake #7: Thinking that all members are equally valuable.
  • Strategic Mistake #8: Announcing a membership drive.

Intrigued by the list? Visit “Eight Strategic Mistakes with Memberships” to learn more


• PTA Surveys click HERE (in MS Word format)

• Membership section of the Tool Kit.  The Tool Kit is emailed to each unit president during the summer.  It is also available online in the PTA Members Section of this website.

• PTA Membership Quick-Reference Guide.  This is included in the Back-to-School kit from National PTA.  The kit is available online.

• Procedure Book.  This should be passed on to you from your predecessor.  If you didn’t get one, start one now.

• National website:  Check out the latest information & hints about card activation, member benefits and growing your PTA.

• Check out “201 Ways to Increase Your Membership“.

• Search the Internet:  PTA Membership, PTA Membership Campaigns, PTA Membership Ideas, etc.; Look at other State or unit PTA Websites and Newsletters on-line

• CONTACT:  This is a state magazine publication that is online under the PTA Members Section of this website