Healthy Kids Week: April 20-25

Action for Healthy Kids will be hosting a series of 10-minute Facebook Live videos presented by experts, so mark your calendars to tune in.

  • Mindfulness Monday 4/20, 3:30pm CT: On Mindfulness Monday, help your kids find their center and check in with how they’re feeling. Use this practice to set intentions for the week ahead or wind down before bed. Presented by Ashley Green, AFHK Program Manager and Yoga Teacher-in-Training
  • Tasty Tuesday 4/21, 2pm CT: On Tasty Tuesday, join with your kids for a taste test…with a twist. Learn how to customize a healthy homemade granola that goes from breakfast to snack time. Presented by Grace Perry, AFHK Program Manager and Registered Dietitian
  • Earth Day Wellness Wednesday 4/22, 4:30pm CT: On Earth Day Wellness Wednesday, learn how to use veggie scraps and household trash to grow new, healthy foods for your family—you don’t even need a garden. Presented by Danielle Marquez, AFHK Parent Ambassador and Gardener Extraordinaire
  • Thoughtful Thursday 4/23, 4pm CT: On Thoughtful Thursday, help your kids recognize and talk about what they are grateful for by learning how to build a “gratitude tree” centerpiece.
    Presented by Rob Bisceglie, AFHK CEO
  • Fitness Friday 4/24, 2pm CT: On Fitness Friday, get ready to test your concentration and physical activity skills with a game of “Up, Down. Stop, Go.” The whole family can participate and play – just prep a small space with enough room to move around. Presented by Tashan Kilkenny, AFHK State Coordinator and Youth Development Specialist
If you’re participating in Every Kid Healthy Week at home, post a photo or video on social media, tag Action for Healthy Kids, and use #EveryKidHealthyWeek. We can’t wait to see what you’re doing.

Tips for Parenting During Coronavirus Crisis

Every day, the Child Mind Institute publishes a video and social tile with a tip for supporting families through the coronavirus crisis. You can sign up to receive these tips and other coronavirus advice daily by clicking below.

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Creating a secure home environment is important so that you and your children can deal with stress and uncertainty in a healthy way. Drawing from developmental psychology, here’s what parents can do:

  • be predictable and consistent
  • be responsive
  • be nurturing and affectionate
  • model calm reassurance and thoughtful problem solving

Child Mind Institute – Supporting Our Kids Through the COVID-19 Crisis

With more and more schools and workplaces closed and public life suspended, parents everywhere are wrestling with how to keep children healthy and happy while confined to home. Many of us are struggling to juggle childcare and remote work, even as we manage our own anxiety about COVID-19.

At the Child Mind Institute our experts are coming together to offer guidance about how we can most effectively support our children’s well-being — and our own — during this crisis.

Today we offer their suggestions for structuring this time at home, modeling a calm and positive approach, and engaging kids in ways that will help them build resilience.

We’ll be offering more tips for supporting kids in the coming days and, as the situation evolves, continuing to create new resources to help families everywhere stay strong.

Information from Action for Healthy Kids and Active Schools

Action for Healthy Kids and Active Schools understands the challenges schools and parents are facing right now and the concerns they have about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Your safety and that of your families, students and their families is our highest priority. View our full statement here.

School closings and restrictions on large gatherings are likely impacting the work you or your school may currently be doing for kids’ health, so we have modified many of our plans for the rest of the school year and compiled some resources for you.

Resources for Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Emotional Health

Keeping kids active and nourished at home is especially important right now, so view some of our favorite at-home activities, as well as our list of resources from partners and other organizations to help schools and families stay healthy and informed.

School Grants & Every Kid Healthy Week

We have extended the deadline for grant applications until May 1, 2020. If you have questions or concerns, contact us through our online contact form and select School Grants. We will be reviewing grant applications on a rolling basis, so if you are able to submit your application before the extended deadline, please do so.

While Every Kid Healthy Week remains on the calendar (this year April 20-24, 2020), we are not encouraging or expecting schools to host events, even if the schools are open. We advise you to follow the guidance from your schools, districts and states and recommendations from the CDC and federal government. That said, we encourage you to bring the celebration home! You can find activity ideas on our Every Kid Healthy Week resource page, in our Game On Activity Library, and in this curated list of at-home activities.


View our full list of FAQs around COVID-19 here, or reach out to us at

Yours in health,

Rob Bisceglie
Action for Healthy Kids