PTSA – Student Membership

Value of student members:

Provides a new perspective on the PTSA’s ideas and programs
Give students the opportunity to participate
Provides information on student interests and problems
Teach students useful skills
Teach students the legislative process through PTA’s involvement in legislative activities

Recruiting and involving student members:

Ask for students help. Most students are willing to help if asked.
Stress PTSA results. Students need a mental picture of how things in their schools and communities will be improved by their participation.

Publicize all PTSA achievements, benefits and upcoming activities through surveys, literature, forums or social events.

Set up a bulletin board with pictures and notices of PTSA programs in a high-traffic area of the school or community.

Sometimes parents also must be “recruited”. Telephone parents to explain what their child will be doing or make a home visit to meet parents personally.

Make a presentation before the student council stressing the advantage of PTSA membership for students. Enlist the council’s support and listen to members’ ideas for involving students.

If possible, start a core of students who are already involved in PTSA. Use them as your recruitment/public relations team.

Have a student membership chairperson or assist with your membership drive. Encourage student members to recruits their peers.

Emphasize that PTSA can be fun, using logos, t-shirts, music and drama to spark interest.
Hold “each one, reach one” recruitment drives in which every student member agrees to bring another student into PTSA. Use PTA leadership materials, videotapes, legislative programs, etc., to show what PTA does.

Make students realize that their membership is an integral part of your PTSA, not just a temporary goal. Students should be part of the recruitment process as well as its results.

Conduct a specific, meaningful, short-term, school wide project, the success of which will garner interest in a more intensive PTSA experience.

Make sure the administration and school commitment to PTSA is clear to all students. Feeling that PTSA is a meaningful part of the total school experience can be a motivating factor.

Show role model support by using “star” endorsers. These “stars” might include school leaders or popular teachers who participate in school activities.

Demonstrate support by providing public awards for student involvement via news media, announcements in student newspapers, assemblies, etc.

Concentrate on attracting students who might not ordinarily participate.

Show potential recruits how PTSA activities relate to special interests such as art, music, writing and conversation.

Stress the following basic benefits:
Feeling good about helping the school and community.
Being with friends
Learning new skills

Sample Letter Inviting Students to Join PTSA