VP of Membership – Angie Warner

Your Name:  Angie Warner

MoPTA Board of Managers Position:  Vice President Membership

Years Involved in Board of Managers:  3 years

What does your position do?:  My position works to increase membership across the state, and promote awareness of what PTA is able to do because of those memberships.

Unit/Council, Region & Years Involved:

President at Randall Elementary PTA

1st Vice President Independence Council PTA

Past President at Ott Elementary PTA. Bingham PTSA

Over 18 years PTA experience in different officer positions.

Why are you involved in PTA?:  I am involved in PTA because I believe in the mission of PTA. I believe in advocating for ALL children. This is my passion as a servant leader.


Food/Drink:  Pot Roast/Dr. Pepper

Season:  Summer

Entertainment (Book, Movie, TV, Band, Music):  I LOVE to read and go to the movies.

Activities/Hobbies:  Spending time with my family

Quote:  You were born with the ability to change someone’s life. Don’t ever waste it.

More about you:

Describe yourself in 3-5 words:  Christian, patient, caring, compassionate, leader

Healthy Living Tip:  Water, Water, Water

What makes you stand out?:  My servant heart

What are you learning this year:  I want to learn this year about how to reach out to different groups of people. I believe that Missouri PTA should become a more diverse organization, reflective of the students, teacher’s ad families that we support.

What is a goal you have this year?  My goal is to increase membership in Missouri and become a more diverse organization.

What is a proud accomplishment?:  I was part of an organization that made change in Missouri this past year by getting #18in18 passed.

Something interesting you’ve done this year:  I attended the National PTA Convention in New Orleans!! What an amazing experience to meet other leaders from across the country.