Student Involvement Chair – Stefanie Adair

Your Name:  Stefanie Adair

MoPTA Board of Managers Position:  Student Involvement

Years Involved in Board of Managers:  This will be my first year. Excited to be here!

What does your position do?  Helps to get more students involved in their PTSA

Unit/Council, Region & Years Involved:  Ott Elementary school, Three Trails region and I have been involved for 5 years

Why are you involved in PTA?  I want to ensure that every child has a voice.


Food/Drink:  Tacos and Diet Coke

Season:  Fall

Entertainment (Book, Movie, TV, Band, Music):  I love reading, movies and concerts!!

Activities/Hobbies:  Pretty much the same as above!

Quote:  You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

More about you:

Describe yourself in 3-5 words:  Funny, Sarcastic, Bold

Healthy Living Tip:  Water!!! Drink a lot of it.

What makes you stand out?:  I speak my mind and always stand up for what I believe it right.

What are you learning this year:  I want to learn everything I can.

What is a goal you have this year?:  To do my very best in all my PTA areas. Also to spend more time with my family.

What is a proud accomplishment?:  Having 2 great kids!

Something interesting you’ve done this year:  I went to 3 concerts in a weeks time.