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A PTA is a local, self-governing unit. It promotes the Purposes and Mission of the Missouri and the National PTA as it plans its programs and activities to meet the needs of children and youth in the community. It is linked through its all-inclusive membership and by its acceptance of the Purposes and Mission of the National PTA and the Missouri PTA.

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Help Them Get Ready to Go Back to School and Beyond

Going back to school may be exciting to some students but there are still those who have butterflies when that first bell rings.  According to KidsPoll, on most days, 65% of kids liked school and 35% said they did not.  Talking with your child about their thoughts and feelings can help to alleviate some of those butterflies. Also, getting in touch with their teacher from time to time, not waiting for quarterly Teacher Conferences, can help you understand any potential problems early on and allow for you and your child to work on them sooner rather than later. Often times, children are dealing with an issue way before you or a teacher hear about it.  Don't wait, get engaged, be proactive when it comes to helping or understanding what your child is going through.  Taking the initiative and talking things out can prevent a lot of stress for everyone involved.

So the next time you sit down at the table to share a meal with your family consider these topics to help get conversation started:
For additional information, visit:


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Local impact of special exemptions and giveaways

Local impact of special exemptions and giveaways passed on the final day of session


“This eleventh-hour free-for-all on the final day of session will make it harder for local governments to provide the services Missourians count on,” Gov. Nixon said. “We’re talking about firefighters and cops, libraries and ambulance services, snow plows and health inspectors, public transit and road repair.  Missourians deserve an explanation for why legislators rushed through $776 million in special breaks and exemptions on the last day of session, without accounting for even a penny of these costs in the budget they sent to my desk.”


·        The legislature passed eight bills on the last day of session that will significantly impact state and local funds: House Bills 1296 and 1865, and Senate Bills 584, 612, 662, 693, 727 and 860.

·        These bills contain more than a dozen provisions that would reduce state and local revenue beginning on August 28, including new sales tax exemptions for recreation venues, data storage and processing, used vehicles, supplies and equipment used in electricity generation, and laundries.

·        The budget plan passed by the legislature each year is expected to account for any legislation that could impact state revenue, but the budget passed by the General Assembly on May 9 did not account for any of these provisions.

·        Most of these provisions impact sales tax collections, and therefore they have a large impact on local tax collections. Existing statute (section 32.087) requires that the base for local sales taxes be the same as the base for state sales taxes and that sales tax exemptions be the same for both. 

·        In addition to an annual state revenue reduction of $425 million, these provisions would reduce local revenue by an estimated $351 million on an annual basis. 

·        These reductions would impact cities and counties as well as other taxing jurisdictions including fire protection districts, ambulance districts, and community improvement districts.


An overall summary of the fiscal impact of these provisions is available here.


A breakdown of the fiscal impact on local taxing districts is available here.



Follow the Governor on Twitter @GovJayNixon



National PTA Responds to Results of 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Dec. 4, 2013) — Yesterday, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released the results from the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a test of mathematics, science and reading literacy, which was administered last fall to 15-year-olds in the United States and 64 other countries and economies.

U.S. students scored slightly above average in reading, average in science and below average in math, compared to their peers around the world. Overall, the scores of U.S. students reflect little change since the test was last administered. PISA is given every three years and was first administered in 2000. It is designed to test whether students can apply what they’ve learned in school to real-life problems.

According to the OECD, the countries in which students perform the highest on the test prioritize links between families, schools and communities; invest in early childhood education; and have established rigorous and coherent academic standards. The findings from the PISA align with National PTA’s support of the Common Core State Standards and commitment to building family-school partnerships.

“As the largest child advocacy association in the country, National PTA remains committed to working closely with parents, educators, policymakers and other stakeholders to advance education and ensure every child graduates with the skills needed to compete and succeed globally,” said Otha Thornton, National PTA President. “The results of the 2012 PISA demonstrate a clear need for academic standards that raise the bar and are aligned with what students are expected to know to excel in today’s workplace. The results also underscore the importance of family engagement in education.”

The Common Core State Standards are internationally benchmarked, relevant to the real world and reflect the knowledge and skills students need to compete globally and excel in their studies and the workplace. National PTA is confident that the standards are an essential tool to ensure every child receives a high quality education that prepares him or her for success upon graduation from high school. National PTA has played a leading role in educating families and communities about the Common Core State Standards and remains committed to supporting parents and educators every step of way as the standards are implemented in classrooms across the country.

In addition, National PTA firmly believes that families, schools and communities must partner to advance education and ensure student success. Research shows that when families, schools and communities work together, student achievement increases and schools improve. The Family Engagement in Education Act of 2013, which was introduced in July in the House and Senate, is a means to empower parents, improve capacity for states and provide much-needed resources for schools to increase family engagement. National PTA is committed to supporting the passage of the Act and strengthening family engagement in schools across the country.

Through support of the Common Core State Standards and Family Engagement in Education Act, among other policies and initiatives, National PTA is committed to the advancement of education to ensure all students graduate prepared to succeed globally. For more information on the Family Engagement Act of 2013 and National PTA’s efforts to support the transition to the Common Core State Standards, visit PTA.org.

Media Contact:
Heidi May, National PTA


Missouri PTA's Selected for Grants

McNair Elementary PTA (Hazelwood) and Trailridge Elementary PTA (Lee's Summit) both have been selected to receive the Take Your Family to School Week Grant for $1000 each.

National PTA's Take Your Family to School Week is a program encouraging strong family engagement and the importance of partnerships among parents, teachers, and school administrators. For the 2013-2014 academic school year, Take Your Family to School Week will incorporate the theme, Supporting Student Success, which will address the risks associated with a huge problem for our nation's youth: dropping out of high school.

A Proud National Sponsor since 2005, AXA Foundation—the philanthropic arm of AXA Equitable—is again pleased to sponsor PTA's Take Your Family to School Week.

Grant Amount:  $1,000 to 50 local PTAs

If you would like more information on the Grant, visit www.pta.org/TYFTSW.



2013-2014 National PTA Reflections Program

Missouri PTA wants to help make sure your unit is on track for a successful Reflections Program. This is a reminder of a few important points regarding the program. We hope you find this information beneficial and please contact us at reflections@mopta.org if we can be of assistance.

The 2013-2014 National PTA Reflections® Program theme is "Believe, Dream, Inspire".  The state deadline is fast approaching – January 16, 2014; only two more months!

If you need information about online registration including creating an account, submitting the unit participation form & student entry form watch the Reflections Webinar – live on November 19 or December 17 from 7:30 – 8:30 P.M. CST

  • Provide reflections chair’s name & contact information to the state office – office@mopta.org If you don’t have a chair yet, it’s not too late!
  • Organize a small group of volunteers to tackle the task as a team.
  • Register or establish an account for your local unit with National PTA
  • Complete the Local Unit participation Form online
  • Student entry forms must be completed online
  • Make sure unit is on track for unit in good standing status - click here for details.
  • Utilize available training & resources
  • State winners will be announced by the first week of March
  • State Reflections Student Showcase – April 26, 2014; Rockbridge High School in Columbia starting at 1 p.m.


Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grants

This National PTA program provides matching-dollar funding to local PTAs to support in-school and after-school arts enhancement programs in local communities. PTAs serving at-risk student populations are particularly encouraged to apply. Applications will be available January 10, 2014 and are due March 14, 2014.


PTA Missouri Assessment Guide

As part of its ongoing commitment to support parents and educators as the Common Core State Standards are implemented in classrooms across the country, National PTA® is pleased to announce the launch of Common Core State Standards Assessment and Accountability Guides. The guides are being developed for every state that has adopted the Common Core State Standards and will serve as a valuable educational tool as states transition to new standards-aligned assessments in the coming years.

PTA Missouri Assessment Guide

2013 Parent Guide

“National PTA has played a leading role in educating families and communities about the Common Core State Standards and is committed to supporting parents and educators every step of the way as states transition to the standards,” said Otha Thornton, National PTA President. “The need for raising awareness and increasing understanding of the standards remains a high priority. We are excited to launch the new guides focused on assessments and accountability systems to help ensure that parents are knowledgeable about the standards and new assessments.”

Developed in collaboration with the Center for Strategic Research and Communication, the Common Core State Standards Assessment and Accountability Guides feature information in parent-friendly language, including background on the standards and state-specific information about their assessment consortium, the testing timeline, sample test questions, impacts on students, new accountability systems and ways for parents to get involved and support their child’s learning at home. The guides will be available in English and Spanish online at www.PTA.org/studentsuccess. They will be rolled out throughout 2014.

The Assessment and Accountability Guides are a companion to National PTA’s popular Parent’s Guide to Student Success, which has been used throughout the nation by parents, school districts, community partners and departments of education. The grade-by-grade guide explains the Common Core State Standards and key items that children should be learning in English and math, features activities parents can do at home to support their child’s learning, and highlights questions parents can ask their child’s teacher.




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2014-2015 Reflections Toolkit

Missouri PTA Reflections Local Leaders Guide
Appendix A  2016-2017 Theme Search Entry Form
Appendix B  National PTA Webinar Training Schedule and Registration Links
Appendix C  Local PTA Unit Participation Form
Appendix CC - Reflections Chair's Checklist
Appendix D - Student Entry Form
Appendix E - 2014-2015 National PTA Reflections General Participation Rules.pdf
Appendix E - Dance Choreography Rule
Appendix E - Film Production Rules
Appendix E - Literature Rules
Appendix E - Music Composition Rules
Appendix E - Photography Rules
Appendix E - Special Artists Rules
Appendix E - Visual Arts Rules
Appendix F - Arts in Education Flyer ENGLISH
Appendix F - Arts in Education Flyer SPANISH
Appendix F - Explore the Arts!  Participate in PTA Reflections Flyer ENGLISH
Appendix F - Explore the Arts!  Participate in PTA Reflections Flyer SPANISH
Appendix F - Special Artist Division Flyer ENGLISH
Appendix F - Special Artist Division Flyer SPANISH
Appendix F - The world would be a better place if Poster ENGLISH
Appendix F - The world would be a better place if Poster SPANISH
Appendix G - Information for Judges
Appendix G - Sample Judging Score Card
Appendix H - Arts and Reflections Messages To Share
Appendix H - Certificate of Recognition Template
Appendix H - National Awards and Recognition ENGLISH
Appendix H - National Awards and Recognition SPANISH
Appendix H - Template Media Advisory
Appendix I - Template Acknowledgment Letter
Appendix J - Sample Program Evaluation
Appendix K - Donation Request Letter
Appendix K - Speaker Request Letter




2014 Reflections Showcase Program

June - National Safety Month

June - National Safety Month

However, it is important to be safe all year long.  National PTA and Safe Kids Worldwide created a downloadable toolkit that might be helpful for your family, your school and your community.

The toolkit has everything from tip sheets to handouts, maps to program planning guides.  There is something for everyone to use and get further involved in safety awareness.

Go to - http://www.pta.org/safetytoolkit for more details and additional information.




Congratulations National Reflections Winners

Click here for a full list of students who received 2013-2014 National PTA Reflections Awards.


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