JC/DC Action Alert: Urge Congress to Pass Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

PTA members have been urging Congress to work across the aisle on gun safety and gun violence prevention, including taking to Capitol Hill just last week on June 15 demanding Congress prioritize the safety and well-being of all of our children. Additionally, nearly 45 state PTAs have also now endorsed a letter by our President, Anna King, addressed to House and Senate Leadership and shared widely amongst Hill offices insisting that the time is long overdue for action following the tragedy in Uvalde, TX.

On June 21, a group of Republican and Democratic Senators introduced the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, legislation representing an important, historic step towards protecting all of our children from gun violence. The legislation includes key priorities that PTA members have been fighting for, including investments in community violence intervention and crisis intervention programs, strengthening of the federal background checks process and enhanced background checks for buyers under 21, supporting state red flag laws, and expanding access to mental health services for children and families. Thanks to the efforts of PTA members like you, the final bill also includes significant funding to address the shortage of mental health professionals in our nation’s schools and invests in mental health education and training for school staff.

We are hearing this bill will be considered THIS WEEK! Contact your Senators TODAY to urge them to vote YES on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act! Safety cannot wait any longer, and our priority as a nation must be our children. Senator Blunt was one of the 10 senators to draft this legislation so make sure you thank him. Senator Hawley voted “NO” to the initial draft so I encourage you to urge him to vote “YES” to keep ALL children safe.

Click HERE to take action now!

Carla Wiese

President, Missouri PTA