PTA Takes Action – Commit to Positive, Safe Environments for All Students

Commit to Positive, Safe Environments for All Students
National PTA is committed to the well-being of our children and ensuring that schools create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all children.
Today, National PTA joined other leading education organizations in a national call to action addressing the recent reports of bullying behavior in schools. Every child deserves to come to school excited to learn in a safe and nurturing environment without the fear of bullying, violence or discrimination.
This call to action follows National PTA’s statement on its commitment to positive, safe environments for all students and a recent webinar on bullying and cyberbullying prevention.
It has long been a top priority of National PTA to make sure all children have a supportive environment where they can thrive and learn. We are committed to working with schools, school systems, educators, parents and the community to ensure all children have the opportunity to receive a great education in a setting free from discrimination, harassment and violence.
We encourage you to share this statement among your membership and within your schools and communities to support and affirm safe and inclusive school learning environments for all students.
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