Webinar: Is Your Child’s Drinking Water Safe?

Safe Drinking Water in Schools: What Families Should Know
When: Wednesday, Nov. 30
Time: 3 p.m. EST
shutterstock_16503085.jpgEvery family expects their kids to have access to safe drinking water at school. Unfortunately, that is not the reality in many communities across the country, where dangerous levels of lead have been found in homes and schools.
Family members are invited to participate in this webinar to learn more about the dangerous issue of lead-contaminated drinking water in schools, the signs and symptoms of lead exposure in children, how to advocate to change in communities and tools that are available to increase access to safe drinking water in schools.
Featured Speakers:

  • Derrick Byrd—Chair, National PTA Health and Safety Committee
  • Christina Hecht, PhD—Senior Policy Advisor, Nutrition Policy Institute
  • Maria Fletcher, PhD, RN—National PTA Health and Safety Committee Member
  • Shannon Sevier—Vice President of Advocacy, National PTA
  • Caitlin Merlo, MPH, RDN—Health Scientist, School Health Branch, Division of Population Health, CDC
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