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Support your PTA Leadership Needs

Check out the Local PTA Leader Kit at PTAKit.org — your free, year-round resource to support all of your PTA leadership needs. You will find strategies, tips and turn-key tools to ensure your success. It contains resources to help PTA leaders serve their communities and manage local PTAs, including:

  • Easy-to-use guides for the president and treasurer
  • Turn-Key membership, fundraising and marketing tools
  • Program and advocacy resources
  • Special offers from national partners

It’s also completely digital and mobile-friendly.

New! Special Incentive to Access Your PTA Local Leader Kit

Within a month after you register to access the Local PTA Leader Kit, we will mail you a DIY Kit for Membership Growth, which contains what local PTA leaders need for a “do-it-yourselves” four-step PTA Membership P.L.A.N.:

  1. Picture who, when and how you will connect with members
  2. Listen to what matters most to your members
  3. Ask your members to join PTA by aligning your efforts to what matters most to them
  4. Nurture relationships with members year-round

Limited supplies available, so register today and start exploring!

Already registered? Login at the top right-hand corner of PTAKit.org and update your profile to access Local Leader resources and receive your DIY Kit.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT for Grant Applications due Aug 26th

Local units have an opportunity to apply for 3 grants and state/council/region/district can also apply for a grant.  Grants are due by August 26 – less than 2 weeks away.  Please encourage your local units to take advantage of this opportunity!!!

If a PTA has previously won one of the Science Festival or Math grants, they cannot apply for that same grant again.  They can apply for the GOYA grant.

Here are some ideas/pointers as you support local units and encourage them to apply –


The initial questions in each application are to identify the person submitting the application, the school and the PTA.

Then there are 3-4 questions specific to each grant. Please see the questions for each grant below.

It would be best to craft the answers in a Word or Pages document prior to filling out the online application.  This would help the local unit leaders craft and edit the message as they work to succinctly describe their plan and stay within the word limit requirements.

GOYA-Move Healthy Lifestyle Grant: 15- $1000 grants

Elementary or Middle School PTA

How would you make sure that a broad & diverse group of families attend your “Get Off Your Apps” Physical Activity Event? (250 words or less)

At the “Get Off Your Apps” Physical Activity Event, how would you make sure families and students engage in the activities together? (250 words or less)

How would the “Get Off Your Apps” Physical Activity Event promote & support ongoing physical activity in your school community? (250 words or less)

STEM + Families Science Festival Grant: 30- $1000 grants plus $250 in science materials.

(Activities are geared towards elementary age students, but a high school can apply to host an event in partnership with a local elementary or middle school.)

Briefly describe your school community and why a STEM + Families Science Festival would be valuable to your community. (100 words or less)

At your STEM + Families Science Festival, how would your PTA make sure all families feel welcomed and engaged? (250 words or less)

How will your PTA use the STEM + Families Science Festival to advance STEM learning at your school? (250 words or less)

Share one idea that will make your Science Festival unique (100 words or less).

STEM + Families Math Night Grant: 35-$1000 grants- Elementary school PTAs

Briefly describe why the STEM + Families Math Night would be valuable to the broad and diverse groups of families and students you serve. (100 words or less)

At the STEM + Families Math Night, how would your PTA make sure all families feel welcomed and engaged? (250 words or less)

How will your PTA use the STEM + Families Math Night to promote ongoing STEM learning at your school? (250 words or less)

National PTA website has resources and ideas on the website.  Encourage local units to check it out.

In other news – don’t forget to encourage local units to apply for the School of Excellence – enrollment ends Oct 1 and Reflections – enrollment ends Nov 1.

If  you have any questions, please let me know.

Mary Jo Neil | National Service Representative

C 301.919.8839 | mneil@pta.org

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