National PTA Position Statement: Expectations of Civility


National PTA recognizes that we can only achieve our mission through ongoing conversation,
collaboration and partnership with other interested parties within the education system,
including educators, students, school staff and administrators, parents, guardians, school
boards, community organizations, and policymakers. Such partnerships are critical to ensuring
that our association’s mission and priorities are meaningfully advanced at the local, state, and
national level.

In the course of discussion and decision making, disagreements will inevitably arise between
parents and other individuals and groups who are invested in our education system. It is
essential that every person is treated with common courtesy and civility and that all parties
conduct themselves in a polite, appropriate and respectful manner, including tolerating
differences of opinion and disagreeing respectfully. National PTA strongly condemns any and all
acts of incivility, hostility and harassment, and encourages our constituent associations to take
an active stand opposing any attempts within their community to threaten, intimidate, and/or
commit violence against educators, students, school staff and administrators, parents,
guardians, school boards, community organizations, and policymakers with whom they
disagree. It is critical that constituent associations actively work to maintain a culture of
cooperation and partnership in their community that fully reflects PTA’s core values of
collaboration, diversity, commitment, respect and accountability.

National PTA recognizes that community collaboration and family engagement are key to
achieving our mission to make every child’s potential a reality. Strategic partnerships that are
grounded in our values will enhance our ability to serve and advocate for all children and
families and will create the strongest future and direction for PTA. When we respect our
differences and work together to identify shared commonalities, PTAs can unite their
communities, speak with one powerful voice, and secure meaningful and lasting change.

Adopted: by the 2021 Board of Directors

National PTA Statement on the Passing of Colin Powell

National PTA President Anna King issued the following statement on the passing of General Colin Powell:

“National PTA and our millions of family, students, educators and community leaders share in the mourning of the loss of General Colin Powell—a veteran, statesman and ardent advocate for the success and well-being every child in this country. We extend our deepest condolences to Mrs. Alma Powell and the rest of the Powell family.

As the first African American to be Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and National Security Advisor, General Powell lived his life with honor and dignity—showing many of us that we can achieve any position or career we set our minds to, regardless of race, ethnicity or cultural background.

National PTA is proud to have partnered with his organization, America’s Promise, on the key issues affecting our children. We will honor General Powell’s legacy by continuing to provide every child with the tools and opportunities they need to learn and grow so that they can thrive.”

National PTA Statement on School Shooting at Timberview High School

When this school year began, many families focused on readjusting to a new normal and making sure our students and teachers were healthy and ready for the new school year. We were optimistic and up for the challenge. Instead, our students are facing weekly threats of gun violence and active school shootings. Yesterday, a high school student shot four people in Arlington, Texas and now our entire nation is yet again reminded that our schools are not safe. When does it end?


National PTA extends its deepest condolences to Timberview High School, its community and all those impacted by this tragedy. The safety of our schools is one of our association’s top priorities. We will continue to work hand-in-hand with elected officials and education advocates to provide students with mental health support while leading the call to urge Congress to pass legislation on gun violence prevention and increased school safety measures.