September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 2

Tuesday Membership Minute

PTA Leaders,

As many of you have noticed, the PTA membership card has gone through some changes.

First, let me explain the previous process:
PTA units in Missouri would be mailed membership cards (sent to us by National PTA) to the new unit President in July.  The number of cards sent to each unit was based off of 75% of the previous year’s membership totals.  When a unit was ready to pay their first month’s dues and filled out the Membership Dues Form, they requested, on the form, for more cards to be mailed.

This year:
National PTA notified us in July that they would not be printing or sending membership cards.  As a result, Missouri PTA quickly worked with a vendor in order to get cards printed and out to units as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, printing 60,000 cards took longer than expected, and I sincerely apologize to those units that held their Back to School Nights without having received their membership cards.

In order to get membership cards out to units as quickly as possible, we set up a direct request form on our website for your unit President to request cards to be mailed to their address.  This request also allowed units to ask for as many membership cards as they set their goals for this year.  This request form is still active and can be accessed by clicking here.

Those of you that have received your membership cards will have noticed that this year they came with an invoice.  Missouri PTA cares about membership just as much as you do!  The PTA membership card is a sign that you are part of an association almost 6 million members strong that advocate for the health, safety and education of our children.  I am hopeful that the state and national dues mailed in to our office reflect the number of cards your unit requested.  If your unit will exceed the cards requested, please request more with your dues form!  By February or March, if you realize your unit will fall short of your goals, please mail the excess membership cards back to our office, and we will adjust your invoice accordingly.

**Do you know your unit’s membership goal for 2015-2016?  If not, talk about it!  Make sure your entire board knows your goal and announce it in your membership minute of general meetings.  Look at last year’s membership numbers and set a growth goal of 5%.
Remember that anyone can be a member of PTA: teachers, full-time staff, parents, grandparents, guardians and caregivers, as well as community and business partners.  Anyone can be a voice for children; are you asking everyone?

Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 1

PTA Leaders,Happy Labor Day!

I hope this weekend was a relaxing break after the whirlwind of Back to School activities.

You are receiving this email because Missouri PTA has your email marked as either a President or Membership Chair of a PTA unit or council.  If this has reached you in error, please take a moment to reply back to me so that I may remove you from my contact list.

Every day this week, you will receive a “Membership Minute” email, in order to help you navigate membership questions and some of the new resources and information available to you as a PTA Leader.  After this week, look for your Membership Monday emails to come bi-weekly with information and reminders meant to help you in your leadership role.

Thank you for volunteering your time, energy and commitment to the children of Missouri through your role in PTA!

Kind Regards,Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

Eight Strategic Mistakes with Memberships by Blue Avocado

Ellis Robinson and Blue Avocado, a magazine of American non-profits, posted an interesting article that discusses “Eight Strategic Mistakes with Memberships”.

  • Strategic Mistake #1: Encouraging people to become members.
  • Strategic Mistake #2: Over-using membership numbers in public.
  • Strategic Mistake #3: Thinking membership benefits are important.
  • Strategic Mistake #4: Not asking people to renew several times.
  • Strategic Mistake #5: Boring members by telling them what your organization does.
  • Strategic Mistake #6: Relying too much on electronic communication.
  • Strategic Mistake #7: Thinking that all members are equally valuable.
  • Strategic Mistake #8: Announcing a membership drive.

Intrigued by the list? Visit “Eight Strategic Mistakes with Memberships” to learn more

May 11, 2015 – Membership Monday

Good Evening PTA Leaders!

The end of the school year is here and MO PTA NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Please take a few minutes and submit your new 2015-2016 officer information at Missouri PTA 2015-2016 Officer’s Form and electronically submit the information OR simply email the information to

*Plan on having the following information:
The region your unit resides in (Unsure? Go to and find your region!)
Official name of your PTA/PTSA unit
School District
PTA ID number
Council affiliation
Officer’s names, address, phone number and email

Even if you don’t have all of the above information, please email our office at with as much information as you do have.  If all officers have not been elected, please submit the ones you do have.  The only way for Missouri PTA to get information to your new officers and unit is by having current officer information on file.  Please note that if you are a returning officer (serving a second term), we still need you to update and verify your information by emailing it in.

Keep your unit in good standing and update your new officers today!

Thank you volunteers, both outgoing and incoming, for taking the time to be a voice for our children.

Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services

April 27, 2015 – Membership Monday

Good Evening PTA Leaders,

New PTA boards, rainy days, MAP testing, Teacher Appreciation, sunny days, graduation, spring sports and new growth – it certainly is that time of year!  Its time for your PTA to “Spring into Action” with the new 2015-2016  Missouri PTA Membership Theme!  As we are getting ready to wrap up this school year and all the wonderful memories of our children at this stage in life; take a moment to peek ahead to what next year should look like.  Its never too early to begin planning for next year after reflection of what you accomplished this year.

Congratulate yourselves and your PTA.  Celebrate all that you have accomplished and how you have impacted the lives of children in your schools.
Please take time to fill out the 2015-2016 New Officers Form.  Missouri PTA relies on you to send us updated information so that we can be of service to your PTA.  Even if you do not have all officer positions filled, please fill out what you do have!  Once positions are filled, you can always email our state office at with the remaining information.

May 4th
8th is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Need help with ideas to celebrate our teachers?  National PTA has provided a toolkit available for you to download with Thank you Cards, Appreciation Certificates, social media graphics and more.  Please go to Teacher Appreciation Week Promotional Toolkit for more information.  Don’t forget to share photos and activities using #ThankATeacherLysol is offering $1 off two canisters of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes for PTA members!  Simply go toLysol Coupon and print yours today to help stop the spread of germs in the classroom and at home!

National PTA wants to help your students beat the summer reading slump. Learn more about the PTA Family Reading Challenge and the 20 Kindle give-away! Apply now for a chance to receive a 20 Kindle classroom set.  (Eligible PTAs must be affiliated with a Title I elementary school with a minimum 40% free and reduced priced lunch. All recipients must be in good-standing with their State PTA.)

Enrollment for the 2015-2016 National PTA School of Excellence opened on April 1st and ends Oct. 1st.  To learn more about the 6 National Standards and this program that builds and strengthens family-school partnerships, please visit

Join National PTA and the American Psychological Association (APA) on Thurs., May 7 at 7 p.m. EDT for an important conversation on how parents can help teens manage stress and stay healthy.  Board certified clinical psychologist Dr. David Palmiter will be presenting on the factors that cause teens stress and provide some strategies for stress management. Dr. Palmiter will be answering questions from attendees at the end of the presentation.  Register for the webinar and participate in the conversation.Enjoy the sunny days ahead and make time to spend quality moments with your family during this busy time of year.

Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services