PTA Basics

What is the mission of PTA?

PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering family and community to advocate for all children.  The Mission Statement and other resources are available in foreign languages on the National PTA website:

What is the PTA logo and tagline?

Information on usage of the PTA logo is available at this link:

In order to create a stronger unity among constituent PTA units nationwide, National PTA adopted the tagline “everychild.onevoice.”  This tagline should be used by all PTAs as frequently as possible on all materials such as newsletters, flyers, programs, and correspondence.  Refer to the National PTA website or PTA Quick Reference Guides for instructions on how to customize the logo for your local PTA.  Contact the state office if you have difficulty customizing it for your unit.  Your PTA may opt to use an additional theme of your own in addition to the logo and tagline; that is up to you.

What is a local unit identification number?  How can I find out what our number is?

National PTA assigns a local unit ID number when a unit is chartered.  This number is used for record keeping purposes by the state and National PTA.  If you cannot find your local unit ID number, contact your regional director or the state office.

What is the difference between region, council and local unit PTAs?

A local unit is a self-governing PTA unit that plans programs and activities to meet the needs of children and their specific school community.

A council is a group of three or more local unit PTAs organized by the state PTA for the purposes of training and coordination of the efforts of local PTAs.  Your PTA may or may not be part of a council; it will depend on where you are located.

A region is a geographic division of the state PTA established to ensure close contact between local units/councils, Missouri PTA and National PTA.  In Missouri, there are eight regions.

Why do we have a regional director?

The regional directors give each local unit and council a personal contact within the geographic area for individual guidance.  Every PTA council and every local unit is assigned a specific regional director.  These directors receive training from Missouri PTA, serve on its Board of Managers and provide information and guidance of a non-interfering nature.

Who can attend the Missouri PTA Annual Convention in the spring?

Any member is welcome to register.  Outgoing and incoming officers, as well as school administrators, are encouraged to be part of this annual meeting by attending the general sessions, workshops, and celebratory events throughout the weekend.  Registration forms are mailed to presidents and posted on the website in January or early February.  Each PTA will be allowed a limited number of voting delegates based upon their previous year’s membership total.

I am a member unit of a council, who should attend those meetings, and how do I find out when they are held?

The council delegate(s) are the people chosen by the local unit to represent the unit at council meetings.  The vital role of the council delegate is to maintain a close link between the local unit, the council, State and National PTA.  The selection of council delegates (and their term of office) is determined by the bylaws of the member unit.  The specific number of delegates from each member unit is specified in the bylaws of the council (council bylaws may also require that unit delegations include the president and/or school principal/designee).  While council meetings are open to all members of its member units, only delegates (as stated in the council bylaws are allowed to participate in voting).  You need to contact the current and/or outgoing council president to find out when the council meetings are held.

Awards Deadline is Quickly Approaching!

Reminder that all dues must be sent in or postmarked by March 1st in order to be eligible for membership awards. Awards will be presented at the state convention in April.
All Leaders Projects and Advanced Leaders Project applications are due by March 1st. Awards will be presented at the state convention in April.

National PTA Proposes Dues Increase – Effective FY 2019-2020.

All of this information comes directly from National PTA

Ways to contact National PTA and voice your opinion are at the bottom of this page.

At convention in June 2018, National PTA’s officers reported on the strong state of the association and announced the need to invest our resources for long-term success in forwarding our mission to better the education, health and safety of every child in America for generations to come.

“We’re thinking 10+ years ahead, not making a short-term fix.”

While membership unfortunately continues to decline, our robust and ongoing resource development efforts have shored up some of our financial gaps. However, these stopgaps are short term.

Here’s why…

  • Today, $2.25 of each PTA member’s dues go to National PTA.
  • Over 70% of that amount goes to programs and services.
  • With inflation, the purchasing power of $2.25 is now only worth $2.

* Programs & Services include college & career readiness, healthy lifestyles, family engagement and arts & culture programming.

“We need more to secure our brand and adequately support our leaders, schools and families, and invest in a bright future.”

What a Dues Increase Can Do for PTA

Proposed Dues Amount: $3.75

The Board of Directors convened a dues increase working group, consisting of volunteers and staff, to assess current resources and future investment needs. The proposed $1.50 dues increase will cover:

  • Securing our Future: Maintaining National PTA’s brand, influence and relevancy with policymakers and the next generation of parents
  • Strategic Business, Innovation and Technology:Association rebranding, enhanced leadership training and strategic database and software technology investments
  • Inflation: Revenue lost from inflation from years 2011 to 2018
  • Leadership Development: Current investments in volunteer training and membership growth

How You Can Help

Our members are essential to this process and we value your feedback as we consider the best and most effective options.

PTA members at all levels across the country are encouraged to provide input and make recommendations for the association’s membership dues increase.

Here’s what you can do…

  • Share your thoughts and recommendations for the proposed membership dues increase in the form below.
  • Attend our Town Hall March 14 during the 2019 Legislative Conference.
  • Participate in our webinars and other updates as we share more information with PTA members.
  • Encourage other members to be involved—We want to ensure everyone’s voice is heard!

Thank you for your commitment to our nation’s children and families and to National PTA.