Missouri PTA advocates for all children and for the improvement of public education. It believes that any changes in school structure or funding should be measured by the likely outcomes for all children in accord with the obligation to prepare all children to become effective, productive adult citizens.

As this bill has some good points, it is riddled with bad points, as well.  Missouri PTA advocates are called upon to ensure the Governor understands that you are paying attention and that this issue is important to you!

ACTION NEEDED: PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL and urge Governor Parson to veto the recently passed SB 727.

MOPTA  Advocates are invited to utilize the letter below to guide your calls, emails, and social media contact but ACT NOW as there are only a few days left for the Governor to approve or veto this bill.  Click here: For Governor Parson’s office

Dear Governor Parson,

We are deeply concerned about the financial viability of Senate Bill 727.

As Governor you have repeatedly demonstrated your dedication towards education. Your budgets have consistently fully funded the foundation formula, put historic levels of funding into school transportation, increased support for baseline teacher salary grants, and increased investment in pre-K education. 

Funding the promises in this legislation would cost a projected $467 million. Coupled with anticipated tax cuts that may reduce future revenue, and formula increases due to the new state adequacy target this could create a financial crisis for either the state government or local public schools if state appropriators fail to deliver on their promises. Such circumstances will force these schools to either increase taxes or cut essential classroom resources

and support for students—which would jeopardize the success of our students and our state. While we stand firmly against many of the policies in this bill, such as expansion of unproven school vouchers and establishment of charter schools in Boone County without input or consent from residents or the local elected school board, the flaw in this legislation that should deeply worry us all is the price tag.

Governor Parson, we are devoted to fostering the success and well-being of all Missouri students, a commitment Senate Bill 727 threatens to undermine. We ask you to reflect on the broad impacts of this bill and consider its potential to weaken the financial foundation of our state and public education framework that has served many Missourians for generations.

 We sincerely urge you to veto Senate Bill 727 to protect students and ensure every child in Missouri has access to well-resourced classrooms guided by highly qualified educators. 

NO schools win with this legislation!!


Your Name and PTA