JC/DC ACTION ALERT: Open Enrollment in Missouri Public Education



Missouri PTA needs you to contact your Representatives now and ask your Representative to VOTE NO on HB1814 Open Enrollment Bill


Missouri PTA is opposed to HB1814


House Bill 1814 creates open enrollment throughout Missouri and it will have a final House vote Thursday.

Missouri PTA is concerned about this bill’s negative impact on school consolidation, special education and school finances. PTA believes that any changes in school structure or funding should be measured by the likely outcomes for all children in accord with the obligation to prepare all children to become effective, productive adult citizens.

Missouri PTA advocates are called upon to ensure your Representatives understand that you are paying attention and that these issues are important to you!

ACTION NEEDED: PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL and urge your State Representative to oppose HB1814 

MOPTA Advocates are invited to utilize the letter below to guide your calls, emails, and social media contact with your lawmaker(s).

Dear Representative,

I am writing today to add my voice with the dozens of parents and educators who express opposition to HB1814.  

The open enrollment policy created in this bill will harm Missouri students, schools, and communities.  This legislation could lead to school consolidation across the state making it more difficult to serve Missouri’s most vulnerable students.  It will also lead to many districts struggling to maintain educational programs they offer such as choir, band, and athletic programs.

Missouri PTA and other public school advocates are opposed to bills that will pit school districts against each other to compete for students and the funds associated with them. Funding that would normally go toward student learning would be spent on recruiting and competing with neighboring districts.

HB1814 allows districts that engage in open enrollment to discriminate against special education students, denying their participation in the program based on their needs.

The focus should be on supporting and improving our schools and all populations rather than tearing them apart. The focus needs to turn to supporting and building stronger schools in each of our communities. Each community is unique and to say that open enrollment would benefit all students is misleading and grossly misunderstood. However, the impact will be felt by all due to the financial hardship it will cause for districts.

I strongly encourage you to oppose HB1814 and vote against this legislation. 


Your Name and PTA

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Paula McKinney
Vice President of Legislation and Advocacy 
Missouri PTA

Vice President & Director of Legislation and Advocacy

[email protected]