National PTA Statement on Shooting at Saugus High School

ALEXANDRIA, Va., (Nov. 14, 2019)—National PTA President Leslie Boggs issued the following statement on the shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, Calif.:

“National PTA is both deeply saddened and angry to hear of the shooting today at Saugus High School. This is yet one more day that a child won’t make it home from school.

“While the shooting was occurring at Saugus High School today, the Senate again failed to advance the Background Check Expansion Act, a common-sense measure that can and will save lives. For years, we have called for action and we’ve said, ‘Enough is enough!’ Yet again we are met by only ‘thoughts and prayers’ from our elected leaders. Our children and families deserve more than thoughts and prayers. Continuing to merely do nothing is unacceptable.

“The question our association must, once again, ask is, will our elected officials, including our president, continue to do nothing? We demand that Congress and the president act immediately in the best interest of our children, families and nation.

“National PTA demands that our leaders take action and put laws in place that address our nation’s gun violence epidemic and the ease of access to firearms and weapons of war to protect our children and families. Our association urges the immediate adoption of legislation that would strengthen background checks, ban assault weapons and prevent persons who may endanger public safety from accessing guns.

“In September, National PTA’s Board of Directors added to a long list of many advocacy activities over the years. We amended the association’s position statement on Gun Safety and Violence Prevention to reinforce our unwavering call for universal background checks and the adoption of ‘red flag’ laws, among other measures that will decrease gun violence and make our schools and communities safer for everyone. I also testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Gun Violence Prevention Task Force in support of universal background checks. Additionally, our association sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urging him to bring the Background Check Expansion Act to the floor and facilitate its passage in the Senate.

“For nearly 30 years, National PTA has advocated for common-sense and comprehensive gun safety and violence prevention measures, while preserving the lawful use of firearms for sport and personal protection. It has been and remains a top priority of the association to prevent and eliminate violence in schools, communities and at home; promote safety for children; make sure the needs of the whole child are met and ensure every child reaches their full potential.”

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