JC/DC ACTION ALERT:  Streamlined Sales Tax

SB 795 received a do pass by the Senate Ways and Means Committee and has been placed on the formal Calendar for Perfection.  This means debate could happen at any time.

SB 795 would create a means for Missouri to capture an estimated $358 million in state and local sales tax revenue.  Currently our state’s sales tax law allows online retailers to benefit from a loophole that does not require them to collect sales tax on the products they sell online.  The result is a loss in general revenue for public services like education, public safety and transportation.  Additionally, our local bricks and mortar retailers, who are required to collect these taxes, are adversely affected by this un-level commerce playing field.  These local bricks and mortar business are typically large supporters of the PTAs and schools in their communities.

Act Now on SB 795