MOPTA – PTA’s sponsoring non PTA groups

Dear Unit and Council Presidents,

In recent months you have received correspondence from Missouri PTA in regards to chartering Boy Scouts troops/packs. In March we sent you a position statement that was adopted by the Missouri PTA Board of Managers at the March 2011 meeting, since that time we have had discussions with both National PTA and unit/council leaders in regards to this position. We found that there was verbiage in that position statement that would lead a unit/council to believe that we would somehow penalize a unit/council should they choose to charter a group. At the June Board of Managers meeting we voted to change the position statement to better reflect the intent of the Board of Managers. The change is from “may” not to “should” not.

Attached to this email is the current copy of the position statement as amended at the June 2011 Board of Managers meeting.  Click Here to view PDF

We hope that this will clarify any confusion that the previous statement may have caused. As always it is our intent to help our units/councils to be the best that they can be and together make a difference for the children and families of Missouri.

Wendy Jackson

Missouri PTA