Share your stories of success and struggle.

Does your PTSA unit effectively utilize its students as leaders?    If you have been involved in helping your PTSA unit utilize its students, we’d love to hear from you.    Share your stories so we can help others.

What distinguishes a PTSA unit from a PTA unit is the inclusion of its students, not just as members but also as leaders.    If your unit is not including students as leaders, it should.    Likewise, if your unit is utilizing its students as leaders, we’d love to hear how.

Send us your stories of success and struggles in your unit’s efforts to include the “S” and actually be a PTSA.  If we can all learn from each other’s experiences, then we can ALL make our PTSA units more effective than any of us could do alone. (Click here to submit a story)

Remember to check back here for information that can increase your PTSA’s student involvement.