Are you a college parent for the first time?

Was it really three years ago that we moved our daughter into the dorms?  It feels like it was just yesterday.  We read through the list of things to gather or buy wondering if she really needed all the stuff.  I can still feel the stress that came with renting a loft bed, arrange for it to be delivered to her room, finding the notorious XL twin sheet in the right color, printing off the directions and packing the tools to assembly it.  I remember conquering the mountain of boxes and storage totes that were loaded into the truck and unpacking them in what felt like the world’s smallest bedroom.  Then climbing up to make the bed for her and praying the whole time she didn’t fall off in the middle of the night.  You could cut the tension with a knife when we met the roommate for the first time.  The mixed bag of feelings I had when we drove away because I was leaving my child in this new world still brings tears to my eyes.

The links below offer some hints for dealing with moving your student to college.  I especially like the idea about wearing sunglasses and the quick good bye.

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