Membership Themes and Pictures

Unlock the Membership Potential (2018-2019 State Theme)
Memberships are Within Your Reach! (2017-2018 State Theme)
Connect to the Power of PTA (2016-2017 State Theme)
T.N.T ~ Today, Not Tomorrow (2013-2014 State Theme)
Come Soar To New Heights (2013-2014 State Theme)
Unleash the Power of PTA!
Put Yourself in the PTA Picture…Join Today!
Join the PTA T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More!
We’re Soaring to New Heights…Join PTA Today!
There’s No Place like _____PTA! (Click here to view: Picture1Picture 2Picture 3)
Fun in the Sun at _______PTA! (Click here to view: Picture 1 , Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4)
“Blast into the Future with PTA!” or  ‘Space” Rockets (classes) race toward the moon (Click here to view)
“Come Grow With Us” or “Branch Out to Students” Tree theme; leaves added for each membership
Western theme:  “Blazing New Trails” or “Sign up for the Wagon Trail to Success”
“Join the Winning Team – PTA”
Fish Theme:  Different color fish for each grade
“Grow with PTA”  or “An Apple A Day Makes A Great PTA”  Tree with apples added each membership
“Be Part of the Herd, Join PTA Today” Cow theme; cow costumed volunteers at kickoff
“ABC School, The Greatest School on Earth” Circus theme
“Catch the Wave” Tropical theme; wave posters in classes with a fish added for each membership; boogie board drawing for students
“Lend a Hand, Together We Can!” or “Get Connected”  Connected handprints around school
“Join the Crew” Construction theme
“Color a Bright Future” Rainbow theme
“Twist and Shout” 50’s theme
“A Key to Your Future” Treasure chest theme
“Olympics” Games with teachers and students
“Ride the PTA Bus”
“Put Your Piece in the Puzzle” or “PTSA – Where Everyone Fits”  puzzle piece theme
“Chip in and Join PTA” Chocolate chip cookies theme; each class has a cookie; chips added
“Let’s have a Ball” Gumball machine theme; get chances for prizes with returned memberships
“Winning Race for Education” Race cars or race track theme
“Membership Around the World” Hot air balloon theme
“Plant the Seeds of Knowledge” In conjunction with overall PTA garden theme
“Bee a Part of PTA” Bee theme
“Reaching for the Stars”
“Take a Step in the Right Direction” Feet and a ladder theme
“Batter Up…Join PTA” or “Hit a Home Run” Baseball theme with top class of the week displaying stuffed school mascot
“Every Voice Counts” Music theme with instruments on bulletin board
“Kids are the Heart of the School” Hearts awarded to the students for returned envelopes
“Soaring to Success” Eagle mascot, feathers given to students for returned envelopes
“Leopards” Leopard spots awarded for membership
“Up, Up and Away with PTA”  Hot Air Balloons
“Be a Member of the Pack”  School mascot theme
“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of PTA”  Patriotic theme; flag with stars added for memberships
“Don’t Be Left in the Dust, PTA is a Must”