Contact Editor – Felicia Bergan

Your Name:  Felicia Bergan

MoPTA Board of Managers Position:  Contact Editor

Involved in Board of Managers Since:  2020

What does your position do?:  Create, collect and edit content for the Contact magazine

Unit/Council, Region & Years Involved:  Matthews Elementary PTA, Three Trails, 5 years

Why are you involved in PTA?:  I started because I knew my child’s education would be the most successful if I was a partner with her educators. I continue because I have seen the real impact PTA has on families and students at a local level and the amazing advocacy that happens on the state and national levels. Making sure the children’s voices are heard is the heart of what we do and I believe in that so fully.


Food/Drink:  Cherry Coke

Season:  Fall

Entertainment (Book, Movie, TV, Band, Music) Book: Harry Potter, dystopian novels, country and Christian music

Activities/Hobbies:  organizing things, creating spreadsheets, volunteering!

Quote:  “Speech, once uttered, can rarely be revised, no matter how much we might struggle to unsay something we wish we had not said. But writing can be reflected upon, altered, and even erased at will.” –Frank Smith, Myths of Writing

More about you:

Describe yourself in 3-5 words:  Helping, Caring, Organized, Mother (this list is according to my 10-year-old daughter)

Healthy Living Tip:  Don’t be so hard on yourself. Give grace to others and yourself!

What makes you stand out?:  I have a wide range of knowledge about a vast number of topics and I love to help people!

What are you learning this year?:  I am learning about patience and seeing things from other perspectives.

What is a goal you have this year?:  to learn more about how to effectively advocate for children.

What is a proud accomplishment?:  My amazing children are my biggest accomplishments.