JC/DC ACTION ALERT:  Powdered Alcohol

HB1786 has received Do Passes from the Senate committees.  This will soon come before the body for a vote.
HB 1786 would ban the sale of powered alcohol in the state of Missouri.

Powdered Alcohol is a particular concern for PTA because underage drinking creates and environment that can be extremely dangerous to children.  Because of the potential for abuse, powdered alcohol has been banned in more than 27 states.

Dear Senator,

As a community we prioritize safety with regard to our kids. We have laws that require young children be restrained in car seats.  Medicines must be sold in childproof containers.  We encourage classes on fire safety.  And our schools and communities work hard to raise awareness of the dangers of underage drinking.  Powdered Alcohol has a high potential for abuse creating a dangerous environment for children. 


Powdered Alcohol is not “freeze-dried alcohol” but rather ethyl alcohol encapsulated by a sugar container.  It can be easily concealed, sprinkled onto food products, taken as a pill, snorted, injected and mixed with other alcohol and drugs such as cocaine and marijuana making it even more potent and inhibiting the user’s ability to fight off alcohol poisoning.

Help keep our children safe from such harmful products.  Please support HB 1786 by voting yes.


Your name and PTA

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Carla Wiese

Vice President & Director of Legislation

[email protected]