JC/DC ACTION ALERT: Missouri State Board Call to Action

Missouri’s State Board of Education is framed by the Missouri Constitution to be both bipartisan and independent of state politics.  This purposeful intent makes Missouri unique and our Department of Education has been afforded stability and flourished under this design.  Board members are appointed by the Governor and then approved by the Senate.


Over the last few months Governor Greitens has made five interim appointments.  Currently the Senate is out of session and therefor has yet to review and approve or disapprove the appointments.  It has been widely reported the Governor wishes to have the current Commissioner removed in order to bring in an out-of-state individual.


Three newly appointed interim members to the State Board of Education (Claudia Greim, Dough Russell, & Eddie Justice) are calling for a special meeting to discuss the firing of the current Commissioner of Education, Dr. Margie Vandeven.  This comes after developments this past September when Melissa Gelner’s appointment was revoked after she refused to agree with a request from the Governor’s to fire the Commissioner.


Missouri PTA is deeply concerned with the politicization that is currently occurring with regard to the State Board.  Our children, all our children, do best when non-political independent individuals focus on what is best for kids instead of their own political aspirations.


If you are concerned as advocates of education for all children let both the State Board of Education and your State Senator know your thoughts on this matter.


Emails can be send to the State Board of Educations at sbe@dese.mo.gov, request your email be distributed to all board members.


State Board of Education members:

Charlie Shields – President

Vic Lenz – Vice President

Michael Jones

*Claudia Greim

*Eddy Justice

*Dough Russell

*Tim Sumners

*Marvin “Sonny” Jungmeyer


*Newly appointed State Board members


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