2016 Convention Workshops

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SATURDAY April 23, 2016
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8:45 am – 9:45 am

#100 (Students Only) –  Break Out PTA !
Presenters: Meagan Gardner and Will Wiese – Missouri PTA Student Representatives
Description:   “ATTENTION! Something has happened! The Bridgewood Middle School PTA’s Treasurer, Mrs. Clemintine Hassy, has gone missing and so has all of their PTA’s money. They need our help!”   In this icebreaker activity, students will have to work together to collect clues and put together the pieces of the puzzle to solve the mystery of where is Hassy and what happened to the money.

◊101 – MEMBERSHIP I – The Basic Tools
Presenter: Jennifer Daugherty, Missouri PTA Membership Emphasis Chairman
Description:  Welcome to membership!  Did you know the membership position is one of the most important, challenging and rewarding PTA roles?  Are you ready to roll up the shirt sleeves and get to work making our voice bigger & louder?  We will discuss all the vital components of a success membership campaign so your tool box is ready to go for 2016!

102 – Parliamentary Procedure – “Leading an Excellent Meeting”
Presenter:  Dr. Leonard M. Young  –  Parliamentarian
Description:  Parliamentary procedure is a very useful and powerful tool for PTA leaders. Dr. Young has been advising Missouri PTA for more than 20 years and is one of the leading experts on the topic.  We think you will find his presentation engaging as you learn how to prepare for and conduct an efficient meeting.  Take home the tool that PTA leaders need to be successful.    

103 – Future Ready
Presenter:  Dorothy Gardner, Missouri PTA President-Elect
Description:  Students need to be prepared for the world they will live not the one we grew up in.  Seems like a simple enough concept, however there can be multiple roadblocks to ensuring our students are Future Ready.  Classrooms look and function much differently than they did 20 years ago.  And they should! Find out what tools it will take to transform our schools and attitudes into a Future Ready environment.  Now more than ever, in order to truly prepare our children to be college and career ready we must focus on the shared responsibility between schools, families, and the community.  This workshop will also touch on Student Data Privacy issues related to schools and learning.

104 – What Parents Need to Know NOW
Presenter:  Ann Starlin-Horner, Kansas City Region Director of Pathways to Prosperity; Gail Stewart, St. Louis Region Director of Pathways to Prosperity; Roberta Carson, Mid-Missouri Region Director of Pathways to Prosperity
Description:  Now is the time to nurture and guide your child in exploring careers, no matter his or her grade level. Through an interactive presentation, parents will learn about career pathways that can lead to current and future, high-demand, high-wage occupations, and about resources that can support your child in making good choices when preparing for the future.

◊105 – Election 2016
Presenter:  Laura Bay – National PTA President
Description:  National PTA encourages PTA members from across the country to inform their communities about registering to vote and the significance of the voting process. Through this timely workshop, PTA members will discover ways to get involved by reviewing National PTA election guides and identifying methods to roll out effective voter registration and pledge campaigns. This useful presentation outlines the basics of nonpartisan voter engagement and how PTAs can successfully promote election activities in their communities.

SATURDAY April 23, 2016

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4:30 pm – 5:30 pm 

#200 (Students Only) – Suicide.  Self-Harming.  What do you do when a friend or loved one is in a situation that puts them at-risk?
Presenter:  Dr. Sharon F. Sevier , Interim Director of Leadership, Legislation and Advocacy Missouri School Counselor Association
Description:  This presentation will look at self-harming risk factors, and will provide helpful strategies for knowing how and when to help, and how, when and where to seek help.  Real stories will be shared, plus time to talk through real-life and hypothetical situations.  The information you take away from this presentation may be used for PSAs in your schools.

201 – Treasurer I:  The Nuts & Bolts of Being a Treasurer
Presenter:  Lori Prussman, Missouri PTA Treasurer
Description:   This is a comprehensive look at the important role and responsibilities of the treasurer.   Lori will help you become acquainted with the tools and resources that are available.  Learn about good standing, membership dues, financial reports and IRS filing.  There is a lot to know!  What does a treasurer’s report look like?  When & where do I mail dues?  What’s a 990?  Training and staying informed is what it takes to being an efficient treasurer for your unit/council.  Recommended for new and returning treasurers.

202 – President I:  The Basics
Presenter:  Kim Weber, Missouri PTA President
Description:  Congratulations are being elected President.  Now what?  What have I agreed to?  How did this happen?   If those thoughts are crossing your mind please come to this workshop.  Learn about the Basic Tools that will help you become an effective president for your PTA.  Hear about the resources available to you to help get your PTA on track for a successful year and keep it there.  You will gain insight about the importance of goal setting, planning, accountability and budgeting to help you make your role as PTA president an enjoyable experience.   

203 – Secretary:  The Write Stuff.
Presenter:  Norvel Johnson, Missouri PTA Secretary
Description:  This course will help you understand the importance of the position of Secretary from a Legal and Practical perspective.  The duties and responsibilities will be reviewed in detail.  Attendees will learn about Motions and types of votes and how to record them accurately in the minutes.  The format of the minutes and the various approval processes will be presented.  Armed with the tools provided in this course, along with some helpful hints, you will feel confident that you are maintaining relevant and accurate records of your PTA’S business. .

204 – Heat Illness and Concussions – The Facts You Need to Know
Presenter:  Dr. Tiffany Bohon, MD and Dr. Aaron Gray, MD
Description:  Both of our guest speakers are Assistant Professors of Clinical Family and Community Medicine and Assistant Professors of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Missouri.  They serve as team physicians for various collegiate and national sports teams.  Please join Dr. Bohon and Dr. Gray in their discussion about heat illness prevention and concussion diagnosis and management for parents and schools.

205 –  Beyond Bake Sales …A Framework for Higher Levels of Parent/Community/School Engagement
Presenter:  Dr. C.J. Huff, Retired, Superintendent, Joplin Schools
Description:  Are you ready for a new approach to support your schools? You shouldn’t have to do it alone. In this motivational session, attendees will learn specific strategies on how to more fully engage their school community to better serve children and teachers.   Dr. Huff is an educator that has 20 years of experience of working in public schools and recently retired from the Joplin School district where he served as superintendent since 2008.   

SATURDAY April 23, 2016
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5:45 pm – 6:45 pm

#300 (for Students Only)   Part II with Dr. Sharon F. Sevier
Presenter:  Dr. Sharon F. Sevier , Interim Director of Leadership, Legislation and Advocacy Missouri School Counselor Association
Description:  This is a continuation of workshop 200.

301 – Reflections I:  What is Your Story?
Presenter:  Marilyn Aikins, Missouri PTA Reflections Chairman
Description: The National PTA Reflections program supports student success and serves as a valuable tool for building strong partnerships in your school community.  Film production, dance choreography, visual arts, literature and photography are all the ways students can express themselves.  This workshop will provide you with the tools you need to hold a successful Reflections program at your school and update you on what changes are coming.  Did you know visual arts are almost limitless now?  Marilyn will also share ideas on how to get your staff involved so more students create “What is Your Story?” , the theme, in 2016.

302 –  Bylaws:  The Ins and Outs of Bylaws and Procedures
Presenter:  Carla Wiese, Missouri PTA State Procedures and Bylaws Chairman
Description:  Bylaws and Procedures are necessary to the functioning of your Unit. Join this informative session as we discuss how to navigate the bylaws submission process. We will discuss what items are necessary in your Unit’s bylaws and how to amend them to reflect how your Unit operates. We will also discuss procedure books and why it is important for your Unit use this tool.  The goal of the session is to make the revision and submission of your bylaws less intimidating and easy to understand. Do not forget to bring a current copy of your Unit’s bylaws.     

303  – The Power of Prevention
Presenter:  Emily Schell, MADD and Mackenzie Lee, Missouri Safe and Sober
Description:  Parental influence is the most important factor in helping keep teens and pre-teens safe. Research shows that 74% of kids say their parents are the leading influence on their decisions about drinking alcohol. Based on scientifically proven results from research conducted by Dr. Robert Turrisi and his colleagues from Pennsylvania State University, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has created a presentation and parent handbook to provide guidance to middle and high school parents for communicating with their kids about alcohol. Emily will share the details of the Power of Parents and show you how to bring it to your community!  The second half of this presentation will highlight Missouri Safe and Sober, a free program available to all Missouri middle and high schools. Mackenzie will discuss how the Safe and Sober program works to change the culture of underage drinking by partnering with schools, parents, law enforcement professionals and members of the community to educate about the dangers of drinking and driving.  She will give simple steps to delegates to help them implement an effective action plan in their respective schools.     

304 – Your Communication Action Plan
Presenter:  Andrea Battaglia, Missouri PTA CONTACT Editor; Amy Blakemore, Missouri PTA Information Technology Chairman;  & Kristina Wilmoth, Missouri PTA Public Relations Chairman
Description:  From your newsletter to your website to your social media – you have many ways to communicate with members and parents – and many ways for new officers to feel overwhelmed.  In this session, learn what you need to do to get it all done – on time and effectively – and how to make the most of the time and volunteers you do have.  Visit with the Missouri PTA communications team to improve your communication strategy.  We will give you the tools you need to succeed.

305 – Building a Winning Team – a panel discussion
Presenters:  Dr. C.J. Huff, Retired, Superintendent, Joplin Schools; Melissa Randol, ESQ., Executive Director Missouri School Boards’ Association; Jennifer Case, Vice-President, Blue Springs R-IV School District Board of Education; Lori Prussman, Missouri PTA Treasurer and School Board Member, St. Joseph School District
Description:  What is the best way to approach my principal?  Is it ok to ask for a meeting with the superintendent?  Should PTA be represented at school board meetings?  How much should/can PTA be involved in the decision making for the district?  Often PTA leaders are unsure about how to work with their district’s different levels of governance.  Bring your questions and join  Dr. C. J. Huff, Melissa Randol, Jennifer Casey and Lori Prussman in a lively panel discussion.  Let’s share ideas about building good working relationships that benefit our children, parents, staff and community.

SUNDAY, April 24, 2016
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9:00 am – 10:00 am

#400 (Students Only) – Ready, Set, Action!
Presenter:  Meagan Gardner & Will Weise, Missouri PTA Student Representatives
Description:  Suicide is a hot topic in schools across the nation these days. Counselors come in and talk to students all the time about suicide, but it doesn’t always stick. In this workshop students will use their own personal experiences combined with what they have learned from Dr. Sevier and work together to create a public service announcement.  The PSA will be on the Missouri PTA website and available as a resource to schools as a way to help spread awareness of this heart wrenching topic from a student’s point of view. 

◊401 – President II:  A Blueprint for Success
Presenters:  Kim Weber, Missouri PTA President
Description:  Come learn the fifteen rules of being a truly engaged and relevant PTA leader. You’ve taken on the responsibility of the position, now train yourself and your board on how to make your leadership style better and improve for the future of your term and for those who will serve behind you.

◊402 – Becoming a School of Excellence: Strengthening the Family-School Partnership
Presenter:  Amy Blakemore, Missouri PTA Information Technology Chairman & President, Trailridge Elementary School, Lee’s Summit R-7 School District
Description:  This session will demonstrate how to strengthen partnerships built on the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. The National PTA School of Excellence will help enrich students’ educational experiences and overall well-being by forming family-school partnerships that leverage community resources to strengthen family engagement and contribute to continuous school improvement. Participants will learn how to bring this program to their own school communities.    

403 – Fuel Up To Play 60: Your In-School Health and Wellness Program
Presenter:  Lanie P.: Fuel Up to Play 60 Missouri State Student Ambassador , Kathy Beezley: Fuel Up to Play 60 Hall of Fame Program Advisor and school nurse, Jen Pointer: mother and teacher at Rogers Middle School, Jessica Mackey: Program Manager, Midwest Dairy Council
Description:  Research has shown healthy students learn better. Are you looking for ways to improve healthy eating and physical activity in your school? With opportunities for funding, engaging students, teachers, other parents, and your community, Fuel Up to Play 60 is your answer! This in-school nutrition and physical activity program was developed by the National Dairy Council and the National Football League in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture. More than 73,000 schools are involved in Fuel Up to Play 60 nationwide. As a parent, you have a more direct connection with your child than anyone else in his or her lives. You can elevate the importance of healthy eating and physical activity, serve as a role model and integrate healthy school strategies into your daily lives- all of which can help kids succeed both in the classroom and throughout their lives.   Learn from a panel of Missouri Fuel Up to Play 60 leaders how the program has changed their lives, school environment, and community.  Take home the valuable tools to help kick-start the program at your school.

404 – Using Garden Based Outdoor Classrooms to Teach Elementary Students Healthy Nutrition Education
Presenter:  Steve Johnson, Missouri Rivers Communities Network, Jenny Grabner, Southern Boone Learning Garden, Lori McCurdy, Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture
Description:  This workshop will present information from two mid-Missouri programs that utilize garden based educational activities to teach young students about growing, harvesting, preparing and eating healthy food at their school. Jenny has a lot of insight into negotiating with teachers, administrators, food service staff and parents to help them understand the value of experiential nutrition education.  Lori helps schools and agencies plan their outdoor learning space, and collaborates with community members and educators on ways to better integrate nature and gardening into the curriculum, into the school yard, and into the daily experience of today’s nature-starved kids.  Steve will introduce attendees to the Missouri Healthy Food AmeriCorps Program which is currently hosting 10 AmeriCorps Members serving with six non-profit organizations all providing garden based nutrition education to students involved in public school settings.     

◊405 –  Engaging Parents and Families in Grassroots Advocacy
Presenter:  Laura Bay, National PTA President
Description:   This advocacy presentation is designed to help you engage parents in the efforts of PTA advocacy.  This workshop focuses on creating a larger grassroots network, utilizing social media and working with elected officials to work to achieve PTA’s mission.

SUNDAY, April 24, 2016
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12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

#500 (Students Only) –It’s a Wrap!
Presenter:  Meagan Gardner & Will Weise, Missouri PTA Student Representatives
Description:  It’s been a great weekend!  The students will use this time to reflect over what they have learned and accomplished as well as look to the future.  During this round table discussion they will share different problems they see in their community, brainstorm about how Missouri PTA can help and how students can be advocates for what they believe in. They will be able to bounce ideas off one another in a very casual conversation and learn new ideas to take back to their friends and schools.

501 – Preventing Theft in Your PTA
Presenter:  Laura Bay, National PTA President & Lori Prussman, Missouri PTA Treasurer
Description:  Participants will learn information focused on preventing theft, fraud, and embezzlement in their PTA units.

502 – Conflict Managment
Presenter: Bonnie Cannon, National PTA Board of Director
Description:  Learn strategies to address conflict. You will learn definitions of three types of conflict. You will identify your personal conflict management style. Learn about, discuss, and apply a collaborative conflict management model to resolve conflict.

503 – Membership II:  Tips, Tricks and Tools of the Trade
Presenter:  Rebecca Cahill, Missouri PTA Vice President & Director of Membership Services
Description:  Let’s go beyond the membership table at back-to-school night and talk about Recruitment & Retention.  How do we get new kindergarten parents to join the first time and then join every year after that?  We want PTA/PTSA families not just moms.  Develop a PTA culture at your school.  Also take home ideas about how to get students involved and keep their parents engaged at the secondary level.  How do you respond when a potential member/volunteer says NO?  Learn how to handle the situation when rejection happens.  Members/volunteers are vital to our organization and its important to show appreciation for their support and service to PTA.  Join Rebecca as she shares ideas about this key element of retention.

504 – Reflections II  – Handiman’s Tips for Reflections
Presenter:  Susan Rupert, Missouri PTA Vice President and Director of Programs
Description:  You have completed your local Reflection program and now it’s time to advance your winners to the state round.  Tech savvy or technology challenged – No worries!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3 submit!  Susan has her tool bag and will walk delegates through preparing entries for the uploading through the final submission click.   

505 – PTA Family Reading Experience
Presenter:  Christine Kent, Missouri PTA Health/Wellness & Safety Chair; Pat Higginbotham, Missouri PTA Parent Engagement Chair
Description:  Promote learning and family time by holding a Family Reading Experience event at your school.  This program is designed to teach families simple games and activities they can do with their children at home.  Engaged Parents = Increased Student Achievement.  It’s easy!  Come get the tools to inspire families to keep learning alive at their house.