Is Your Child On Pace for Math Success?

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October 18, 2016
Dear PTA Parent,
The fall semester is picking up speed, so it’s time for a math checkup! Can your child answer our grade-level mental math questions below?
As a parent and PTA member, set your child on the path toward math mastery by presenting them with enrichment opportunities, while raising money for your local school!
MathnasiumTriMathlon.jpgHosted at participating locations Nov. 5 and Nov. 6, Mathnasium’s Annual TriMathlon is a free community math competition for all students in grades 2-5. Kids flex their math muscles in a fun and lively atmosphere where every child wins a prize just for participating—with extra special accolades and prizes for first, second and third place winners!
Plus, Mathnasium will make a $10 financial contribution to community schools and PTAs for every student who participates! 
Learn more about this exciting neighborhood math contest by reading our TriMathlon FAQs.
Whether students are ahead of the curve, performing at grade level, or falling behind, Mathnasium is here to help them reach their math goals. Find your neighborhood math experts to get started!
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Mathnasium is your neighborhood math-only learning and enrichment center. As one of National PTA’s four foundational partners for the STEM initiative, we’re proud to be the “M” in STEM! The Mathnasium Method extends beyond homework help and tutoring. Our students work through personalized learning plans that encourage them to cultivate number sense: a deeply intuitive understanding of how numbers work. As understanding grows and math foundations strengthen, kids approach math and learning with renewed enthusiasm and soaring confidence.
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