Membership Cards

Membership Cards:

Who decides how many cards our unit gets? Cards are sent to the unit president after they are requested through the Membership Card Request Form.

How do I get more membership cards? On the Dues Remittance Form is an area to ask for more membership cards.

Where do I find my unit’s ID number? Units can find their ID# on the information sheet sent to presidents in the Membership Card mailing or by contacting the state office.

Who should get a membership card? Every member.  A card is only issued to one person and should never list more than one name.  It should never be issued to “Mr.& Mrs.” or to the “Jones Family”.

Why should everyone get a membership card? It is proof of membership. Most organizations provide a membership card. A membership card entitles a member to a ballot in an election.  Many PTA units & councils require that scholarship & grant applicants provide a copy of their membership card. PTA members are entitled to benefits of membership provided by PTA. The username and password needed to access a protected portion of the National PTA website are on the back of the membership card and change annually by November 1.

What do I do if a membership card(s) get damaged? If a mistake occurs with your membership cards due to a misprint, damage by the printer, etc., return the damaged cards to the State PTA office and replacement cards will be sent to you.

Do I give business members a membership card? Yes, they get one card issued to the name of the business.

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