Membership Development Calendar

Membership recruiting is a year-round activity.
Continually ask individuals to join! MISSOURI PTA has put together a membership development calendar to guide your year-round efforts!


  • Consider attending the National PTA Convention. It will provide you with valuable information and training to successfully meet your goals.
  • Obtain membership procedure book and resources from previous chair. If there isn’t one, start one!
  • Read your unit’s bylaws regarding membership.
  • Meet with your membership committee and president to adopt a membership theme and plan the campaign.
  • Review your MOPTA Tool Kit for a listing of program resources and promotion ideas.
  • Plan “Kick Off” activities for the campaign and PTA Membership Month (September).
  • Meet with principal to obtain permission and support for membership activities.
  • Consider creating a “Top 10 Reasons to Join ______ PTA” sheet listing reasons to support PTA along with your unit’s accomplishments and the State and National PTA’s accomplishments to include with your PTA sign-up form and have available on your membership table. You could use this as an article in your newsletter.
  • Prepare your membership budget for the year.
  • Start approaching local businesses to join as PTA Business Members, and/or work with you to provide membership discounts.
  • Attend a membership workshop at a Regional Training or School of Information.
  • Present the membership plan to your PTA board for their approval. This will help the board to feel ownership and the responsibility to implement it.


  • Make sure all officers and chairmen are members. Set an example by being the first member of your PTA unit.
  • Use dates of special Missouri PTA, National PTA, and community events to organize and plan PTA activities
  • Have a membership table at all school functions – open house, registrations and volunteer meetings. Have a table with information about PTA’s programs, activities, positions, advocacy efforts and membership.
  • Include PTA information and sign-up forms in “Back-to-School” packets and/or send letters of invitation home with all students for their families to join PTA.
  • Invite each faculty member to join at a staff in-service or a “Back-to-School” luncheon (with Principal’s permission).
  • Record membership and remit all dues money on the first of each month along with a Dues Remittance Form to the state office.
  • Have a membership table at your first PTA meeting. Use this opportunity to welcome everyone and encourage their support and involvement.  Inform them of your plans and programs for the upcoming year.
  • Include articles in your PTA, school and community newsletters describing activities and programs of your PTA.
  • Contact area businesses about membership opportunities with your PTA.
  • Visit and decide which membership awards your unit will be applying for.
  • Make sure you have the opportunity to earn the Missouri PTA Early Bird award by submitting your first membership dues to the state by August 31.


  • Make contact with all parents, teachers and community members who have not joined. Send an email or a personal invitation.  Look at last year’s membership roster and contact those that have not rejoined.
  • Continue to have a membership table at each school function – be visible!
  • Inform members of the progress toward the membership goal.
  • Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. Let your members know how much their membership means to children and youth.
  • Plan an activity to kick off the second half of your membership drive in January. Then enjoy the winter break and come back refreshed and renewed!
  • Check the Missouri PTA and National PTA websites for Member Benefit Provider updates.
  • Watch for winter membership challenges from Missouri PTA.
  • Record membership and remit all dues money on the first of each month along with a Dues Remittance Form to the state office.


  • Continue to ask new members to join your PTA.
  • Be sure to include PTA information and sign-up forms in “New Student” packets. Send a personal note to parents of new students, letting them know of upcoming PTA events and ask them to join.
  • Try adding a new membership discount at a local business.
  • Plan an activity for National PTA’s Founders Day.
  • Plan an activity for Take Your Family to School week.
  • Continue to check Missouri PTA and National PTA websites for new ideas.
  • Record membership and remit all dues money on the first of each month along with a Dues Remittance Form to the state office.
  • Plan to attend MOPTA Convention in April! Be prepared to listen and share ideas with PTA members from around Missouri!


  • Make sure you get all those new dues postmarked by March 1st!
  • Apply for those much deserved membership awards and celebrate your accomplishments!
  • Plan to attend Missouri PTA Convention.
  • Review and update the membership roster.
  • If your school has a spring Kindergarten enrollment or Round-Up for in-coming, next year, Kindergartners, set up a PTA Membership table and provide your PTA information to those new parents, so that they are ready to join in the fall.
  • Update membership records and the Procedure Book for your successor. Include your final membership numbers and the original goal, awards applied for, a roster of your committee members, evaluation of your successes, recommendations and any important materials to carry out the work of the committee.
  • Include an end of the year article for your newsletter about your unit’s success and include a “THANK YOU” to each and every PTA member!
The Deadline for dues to count toward awards MUST be postmarked on or before March 1st.
The Early Bird Award postmark deadline is August 31. 
Don’t delay!