National PTA Statement on FY2022 Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Last week Congress passed and now President Biden has signed into law the final spending package that funds federal programs and services through September 2022. National PTA President Anna King issued the following statement on the bill:

“National PTA is pleased that the omnibus includes an increase of $2.3 billion in funding for U.S. Department of Education programs and an increase of $11.3 billion for Health and Human Services programs. Among the Department of Education programs, the bill includes an increase of $1 billion for Title I to assist schools serving low-income families and an increase of $406 million for the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The bill also includes an increase of $2.5 million over the fiscal year 2021 level for the Statewide Family Engagement Centers program which provides much-needed technical assistance and partnership development to states and school districts to foster meaningful engagement. Additionally, the bill includes an increase of $60 million for Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants (Title IV-A) and $111 million for programs designed to increase the availability of mental health services in schools, including by expanding training programs to prepare new school counselors, social workers and psychologists. These increases are important steps to addressing the mental health crisis facing our children and families, supporting students most in need, and helping ensure children learn in healthy and safe environments and receive a well-rounded education.

“In addition to the increases for education programs, National PTA supports the inclusion of $50 million for a Community-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative through the U.S. Department of Justice and applauds the inclusion of $1 million that may be used for the National Institute of Justice to continue to develop a model and best practices for comprehensive school safety, including identifying the root causes of violence in schools. However, we are disappointed the bill does not include an investment in public health approaches to reducing community violence and trauma by funding Community Violence Intervention research and data through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) specifically. Community-driven, evidence-based interventions are critical to addressing the gun and school safety epidemic we continue to face as a country, and we will continue to advocate for the vital role CDC can and should play in this work.

“We are also disappointed that the bill does not include an extension of authority to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to continue critical school meal administrative waivers that have been in place throughout the pandemic, allowing schools for the first time to serve free meals to all students regardless of income. The flexibility has allowed an additional 10 million students to eat free meals at school each day. We know that students cannot learn without adequate nutrition, and no child should have to go hungry.

“National PTA commends Congress and the Administration for coming together and reaching a bipartisan agreement that increases federal funding for education and health and human services programs. While the increases are positive, federal funding for education programs in FY22 will still be almost $6 billion below the 2011 level. National PTA remains committed to advocating to make sure every child has the opportunities and supports they need to thrive in school and reach their fullest potential. We urge everyone to join us in our efforts—and particularly for our upcoming Hill Day Experience as part of our 125th Anniversary Convention—as we are louder and stronger together.”

National PTA and Iowa PTA Stand with Families, Students and Teachers in Iowa

On Monday afternoon, a shooting occurred outside a high school in Des Moines, Iowa, leaving one student dead and two students in critical condition. This past weekend, several tornadoes also touched down near Des Moines, killing seven people—including two children—and impacting dozens of homes and families.

Both events were unexpected and extremely tragic, and we cannot imagine how horrifying they were for everyone involved. Our association stands with those impacted and is committed to supporting their well-being as they recover.

According to a CNN tally, the incident yesterday afternoon is at least the 13th shooting at a campus with K-12 students in 2022. As we have said so many times, school should be a safe place, and we are well beyond enough is enough. While we cannot prevent tornadoes, there are gun safety and violence prevention policies that will make our schools and communities safer for everyone and save lives. Our association also remains committed to urging Congress to address the gun and school safety epidemic we continue to face as a country. Action must be taken immediately to protect our students, families, educators and staff, and we must work together to support all children and help them resolve problems in a positive and productive manner.

For 125 years, PTA has empowered families with knowledge, tools and resources and helped families, schools and communities navigate challenges. For those in need of mental health support during this time, free resources are available at

-National PTA President Anna King and Iowa PTA President Janel McGovern

National PTA Celebrates Historic 125th Anniversary

Today, National PTA is celebrating 125 years of advocacy, legacy and impact. The association was founded on Feb. 17, 1897, “to make the nation recognize the importance of every child.” This mission continues today through the association’s steadfast commitment to being a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and a strong advocate for public education.

“125 years ago, our founders saw beyond the status quo of their day, recognized the value of the parent perspective, and took action to change the world for all children,” said Anna King, president of National PTA. “Today, we carry on their legacy and take their dreams into the future by uplifting the voices of all families, supporting our nation’s teachers and schools, and ensuring every child has everything they need to make their potential a reality.”

“Since our founding in 1897, PTA members and leaders have taken direct action every day to improve the education, health, safety and well-being of every child and give our children, families and school communities what they need to thrive. PTA has changed the course of our nation’s history. We are proud of our accomplishments and will use this milestone anniversary to rededicate ourselves to our work—which is more important than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the gun and school safety epidemic, and the fight for racial justice and equity in our country,” King added.

National PTA played a vital role in historic achievements, including the establishment of public-school kindergarten, child labor laws, the federal school lunch program and more. Today, the association is fighting for safe, supportive, equitable and inclusive practices in schools for all students; solutions to gun violence; and an end to systemic racism in America, among many other issues. PTA also remains focused on empowering families with knowledge, tools and resources; encouraging families to actively engage in their children’s education; connecting and strengthening partnerships between families, teachers and schools; and helping families, schools and communities navigate challenges.

National PTA is kicking off celebrations of its 125th anniversary on Founders’ Day, in conjunction with Take Your Family to School Week. The week will mark the launch of a PTA Day of Service initiative designed to forward the association’s mission, give back to communities across the country and increase awareness of the work PTAs do every day. The association will also be celebrating its anniversary at the National PTA 125th Anniversary Convention, which will be held June 14-19 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Md.

“Our 125th anniversary is a special opportunity to reflect on the importance of our association’s mission, and to invite everyone to join PTA in our efforts to ensure all perspectives are heard and considered. There’s still so much work to do to make sure the needs of every child are met,” said Nathan R. Monell, CAE, National PTA Executive Director. “As we have since 1897, PTA will continue to be a thought leader on critical issues impacting our nation’s families, including diversity, equity and inclusion for justice; culture and communication for a new era; and transformative family-school partnerships. We are stronger together, and together, we can build a better future.”

Registration is now open for the National PTA 125th Anniversary Convention. All PTAs are also encouraged to register, plan and host a Day of Service event anytime between Feb. 17 and June 30 in celebration of the association’s milestone anniversary. The Day of Service initiative is supported by Proud National PTA Sponsors The Allstate Foundation and BAND.

Take Action: Urge Congress to Participate in Public Schools Week!

Each year, communities across the United States come together for Public Schools Week to celebrate the importance of our nation’s public schools. This school year there are about 98,000 public schools in the United States serving over 50 million students! National PTA thanks all of our public school administrators, teachers, teacher assistants, specialists, nutrition staff, health professionals, bus drivers and all other key staff that keep our public schools running, especially during this pandemic.

Public schools are open to every child regardless of ability, wealth, country of origin, or needs, and by supporting public school systems we strengthen our country. Join us in urging Congress to designate the week of February 21 through February 25, 2022 as “Public Schools Week” by co-sponsoring the annual, bipartisan, bicameral Public Schools Week Resolution.

In addition, we are encouraging all PTA members to invite their elected representatives to visit their local public school during Public Schools Week to showcase some of the exemplary work of all public school staff and honor our nation’s commitment to public education.

Before you begin coordinating a school visit, check out National PTA’s Hosting a Site Visit for a Decisionmaker webpage where you can find resources for:

Click the link below to log in and send your message:

National PTA and Minnesota PTA Statement on Shooting at South Education Center

National PTA President Anna King and Minnesota PTA President Amy Nelson issued the following statement on the shooting at the South Education Center in Richfield, Minn.:

“Our hearts go out to the families, students, teachers and staff at South Education Center and to the community of Richfield. As parents and grandparents, we cannot imagine how horrifying yesterday was. School should be a safe place, and we should not have to fear sending our children to school.

“There have been at least six incidents of gunfire on school grounds already this year, and yesterday we began a new month with another school shooting. We must immediately take action to protect our students, families and educators, and we must work together to help children channel their anger and resolve problems in a positive and productive manner. We cannot let another such incident occur or have our children and families experience gun violence in their school community again.

“National PTA, Minnesota PTA and PTAs nationwide remain committed to urging Congress to address the severe gun and school safety issues we continue to face as a country. Our association also stands firm in our commitment to support the well-being of those impacted by such incidents as they recover. For those in need of mental health support during this time, visit for free resources.”