Call for Resolutions for 2017 MO PTA Convention

The resolutions committee is seeking resolutions for consideration during the 2017 Missouri PTA Annual Convention in Columbia, MO. Has your Unit or Council identified an area of concern MO PTA should focus efforts? If so please submit your ideas to us for consideration to be adopted statewide.

  • All resolutions packets must be RECEIVED electronically at Missouri PTA no later than October 21, 2016.
  • You can download the Resolution Handbook and worksheet in the MO PTA tool kit. You can access the Tool Kit by logging into the member’s only section here.
  • Resolutions received after the deadline will not be presented at the 2017 Annual Convention.
  • Early submission is encouraged. If parts of the resolution or background information are missing, or if edits are necessary, the submitter will need to work with a committee member to ensure the final submission is completed by the deadline date.
  • Fax and hard copy submissions will not be accepted.

For more info, see our PTA Resolutions Toolkit. This is the guide National PTA publishes and is our preferred method of receiving Resolutions.