JCDC Alert: Tell the IRS to Protect Public Education!

Attention ALL Missouri PTA Advocates!  Please contact the IRS today and ask them to support and protect Public Education and refrain from utilizing the proposed tax loophole.  This regulation creates a special circumstance benefitting private schools through a tax shelter for donations to private schools.
We need ALL of our advocates to TAKE ACTION by clicking the button below and submitting your requests to the IRS.  It takes 2 minutes to be a part of our PTA voice, supporting public schools and public education!  Please share with your social media followers and tag @MissouriPTA in your posts.
Thank you for speaking for our children!
Your fellow advocate,
Kristina Wilmoth, VP Legislation & Advocacy
Missouri PTA
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Dear Education Advocate,

For many years a tax loophole has permitted taxpayers to profit by financially supporting private school voucher programs. This profitable tax shelter has fueled rapid growth in these voucher programs, leading to a major transfer of public dollars into private schools. Moreover, these profits come at the expense of state and federal budgets and do not find their way into public schools or public services.

The IRS has proposed regulations that would shut down this tax shelter and could significantly weaken the popularity and growth of these voucher programs. However, private school choice advocates have been flooding the IRS regulations comment section asking that the IRS maintain this tax shelter by providing a special exemption for private school tuition tax credits that will allow them to continue to receive a federal tax credit for donating to private schools.

We need your help to tell the IRS not to create a special carveout in these regulations for donations to private schools.  All you need to do is click on the “Take Action” button below to submit a comment to the IRS. Thank you for your continued support for public schools.

Thank you,
National PTA