JC/DC ACTION ALERT: Charter Schools

****VOTE SOON*** Please contact your Representative NOW!!

HB 634 is in committee and will come for a committee vote soon.

HB 634 would allow charter schools to operate in any school district in the state.

National and Missouri PTA does recognize and support charter schools when they are public and have to meet all the same evaluation standards that a non- charter public schools must meet. However, Missouri PTA opposes this bill based on the fact that it is allowing the charter schools to be affiliated with non-public organizations and that currently the evaluation for charter schools still does not meet or exceed the expectations of non-charter public schools.

Dear Representative,

As a community we prioritize the education standards of our kids. We have evaluation standards that must be met for public schools to remain accredited.  HB 634 allows for the formation of charter schools in any district in the state. Under this bill these schools could be controlled by non-public organizations. These schools would not have to be held to the same evaluation standards non-charter public schools are held. This would allow for the potential for children to not have the quality of education they receive in Missouri public schools. Missouri PTA is not against charter schools when they are under the control nonprofit organizations not affiliated with non-public sectarian, religious, or home-based school organizations of the local school district with the same standards as public schools. HB 634 fails to meet this requirement.

Please vote no on HB 634.



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Carla Wiese

Vice President & Director of Legislation and Advocacy