Fundraise with KNeoWorld


It’s time to rethink everything you know about PTA fundraising. is here to help kick-start your efforts and raise money for your PTA all year long. We’ve taken an exciting world of educational gaming and transformed it into an effective fundraising tool for elementary schools nationwide.

graphicMobile.jpgHere’s why is simply the best fundraising program yet:

  • It’s easy, no selling is necessary
  • It provides a year-round opportunity to raise funds
  • It’s safe, COPPA compliant with no online ads or risks
  • It’s screen time that’s both enjoyable and beneficial for kids
  • 50% of every purchased subscription is donated back to your school

To get started, simply register your school here. Then access your Online Fundraising Kit and begin your program. Everything is provided for you to earn year-round funds.

Parents sign up using your school’s code for only $4.99 monthly or$50.00 per year. Each subscription provides a three-member login, and 48 amazing episodes per year. Most importantly, 50% of every registration automatically goes into to your PTA fund. It’s that easy.

We can also help with printing or other promotional needs, and we will be glad to help, free of charge.

Don’t wait. Get Started Today. Register Your School now!

We know you will love it!

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