Help Them Get Ready to Go Back to School and Beyond

Going back to school may be exciting to some students but there are still those who have butterflies when that first bell rings.  According to KidsPoll, on most days, 65% of kids liked school and 35% said they did not.  Talking with your child about their thoughts and feelings can help to alleviate some of those butterflies.  Also, getting in touch with their teacher from time to time, not waiting for quarterly Teacher Conferences, can help you understand any potential problems early on and allow for you and your child to work on them sooner rather than later.  Often times, children are dealing with an issue way before you or a teacher hear about it.  Don’t wait, get engaged, be proactive when it comes to helping or understanding what your child is going through.  Taking the initiative and talking things out can prevent a lot of stress for everyone involved.

So the next time you sit down at the table to share a meal with your family consider these topics to help get conversation started:

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