Happy Fourth of July

While our families all gather to remember what this holiday means to them, it’s also a good time to remember to go over the safety steps again for handling fireworks.  This is especially if children are experiencing the excitement of the colorful bursts, loud booms and writing their own name in sparklers for the first time.

How Dangerous Could A Sparkler Be?

Even seemingly innocent sparklers can heat up to 1,200 degrees, causing severe burns and are still highly dangerous after the glow has gone.  A lot of children grab for the hot end of a sparkler after the light has gone, wondering where the pretty light went.  So a continuous eye and a bucket of water close by for them to place the sparkler in afterwards is always a good idea.

Never leave children unattended with fireworks!!!!!!!!  And always use caution!!!!!!!!!  Even adults who have handled fireworks for years need a reminder to set a good example for those little ones always watching.

For a few more ideas on using firework safety visit these websites:





Enjoy your holiday and stay safe!