National PTA Exclusives 9.13.16

Raise Funds While Providing Delicious Food for Your PTA’s Supporters!
Schwans-Porkchops.jpgThrough the Schwan’s Cares™ fundraising program, Schwan’s Home Service, Inc., is proud to have helped donate over $11 million to local communities for education, nonprofit and youth sports programs.
With the Schwan’s Cares™ fundraising program, your supporters enjoy a wide assortment of delicious foods while you earn funds for your PTA.
  • Fundraising made easy—No order forms, we collect the payments and pay your organization.
  • Keep on earning—Earn 2040% during the first 45 days, then 5% for the next 90 days.
  • Delivery to the door—Schwan’s Home Service will deliver family-pleasing food to your supporters.
Bringing the best-quality foods directly to families is what Schwan’s Home Service, Inc., has done exceptionally well for over 60 years.
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