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November 23, 2016
An Open Letter to End Corporal Punishment in Schools
National PTA has joined with over 80 other organizations in an open letter to local and state educational agencies and policymakers to end corporal punishment in schools. In the 2013-14 school year, over 100,000 students were subjected to corporal punishment in public schools.
National PTA has a long history of advocating to abolish corporal punishment in schools yet 22 states still allow this form of discipline. Find out if your state is still using this controversial disciplinary practice here and urge your state and local leaders to end this practice.
Nominate Your Favorite PTA Advocate!
National PTA is now accepting  nominations for the 2017 Advocacy Awards ! If you know of an outstanding youth or individual PTA advocate, or a local unit or state PTA that has done great advocacy work,  nominate them to receive an award for their efforts from National PTA. You can also nominate yourself!

Award Categories:
The deadline to submit a nomination is Sunday, Dec. 18.
Become a School Wellness Champion
Learn how to become a School Wellness Champion with USDA’s Team Nutrition’s Local School Wellness Policy Outreach Kit! The new customizable, digital toolkit includes a presentation and school flyers for parents, among other resources. Download the kit.
Attendance Works
Parents want what’s best for their children, but many simply are unaware that missing just two days every month can lead to lower achievement.
How can you lead an effort to improve attendance at your school? Attendance Works has a free toolkit to help you start this important conversation.
Bringing Attendance Home includes handouts for parentsof preschool, elementary, middle and high school students. Each handout offers simple facts about the impact of too many absences on a child’s learning, and tips for what parents can do to support strong attendance. The flyers are in English with some in Spanish, Chinese, Creole, Marshallese, Portuguese and Somali. Find the handouts here.
#GivingTuesday is Nov. 29!%23GivingTues2016NewsAd.jpg
On November 29 support PTA and tell us why you are #PTAPROUD!  Join us on Facebook at 9:30 a.m. for a special PTA LIVE event to learn more about supporting the growth and success of every child by donating to PTA.
Save the Date
Webinar: Safe Drinking Water in Schools—What Families Should Know
Every family expects their kids to have access to safe drinking water at school. Unfortunately, that is not the reality in many communities across the country, where dangerous levels of lead have been found in homes and schools. Learn how you can help.
Webinar: How Elections Shift Power—Identifying and Building Relations in a New Congress
What does this new Congress mean for you as an advocate? Join National PTA and the Congressional Management Foundation for this exclusive webinar for PTA members on how to identify and build relationships with new members of Congress.
Webinar: Storytelling 101
Everyone loves a good story, and every PTA member has a story about what brought them into the PTA family. Or, they have a story about how their PTA solved a problem, helped a family or improved children’s education in their community. Learn how, why and when to tell your #PTAProud story.
2017 National PTA LegCon
March 7-9, 2017
Join National PTA March 7-9, 2017 in Arlington, Va., for the 2017 National PTA Legislative Conference (LegCon).

PTA Webinars
These webinars were pre-recorded. Watch them on National PTA’s YouTube.

One Voice Blog
In spring 2016, 25 local PTAs were awarded $2,000 each to improve their school meals. Wondering how National PTA’s Healthy School Meals grantees are progressing with their school meals improvements?
How is Your PTA Promoting Membership?
Whether it’s a carefully placed flier or a thoughtfully designed website, a great invitation to join PTA contains simple but compelling reasons to become part of it. Cedar Grove Elementary PTA in Germantown, Md., offers of a great example of this on their Membership webpage. The following pieces grab attention and promote engagement and support:
  • Catchy drawings highlighting the reasons to join PTA and who can join
  • A warm invitation to be part of the Family-School partnership
  • Specific projects Ceder Grove Elementary PTA membership supports at this school which benefit all students.
  • How joining does not have to mean volunteering but there are opportunities to participate depending on time available and interest.
Kudos to the leaders of Cedar Grove Elementary PTA for their inspiring invitation to join and support their PTA.
We’d love to share the great work your PTA does to increase membership, facilitate engagement and empowerment of members and advance PTA mission and programs. Please email us at Membership@PTA.org to share your #PTAProud story!
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