Call for Resolutions for 2017 PTA Convention‏

Reminder: Call for Resolutions for 2017 PTA Convention
On behalf of National PTA, the resolutions committee is seeking resolutions for consideration during the 2017 National Convention in Las Vegas, Nev.
  • All resolutions packets must be RECEIVED electronically at no later than 11:59 p.m. EST, Nov. 1.
  • See our checklist for detailed submission guidelines.
  • Resolutions received after the deadline will not be presented at the 2017 National Convention.
  • Early submission is encouraged. If parts of the resolution or background information are missing, or if edits are necessary, the submitter will need to work with a committee member to ensure the final submission is completed by the deadline date.
  • Fax and hard copy submissions will not be accepted.
For more info, see our PTA Resolutions Toolkit.
Why submit a resolution?
Resolutions call for action by National PTA or its constituent bodies (state, district, council or local units). National PTA resolutions seek to address problems, situations or concerns that affect children and youth nationwide and that require nationwide action for solution.
Who can submit a resolution?
Local, council, district/region or state PTAs, National PTA Board of Directors or committees may submit resolutions. Criteria for resolutions to be considered at the convention are the same for all PTA bodies.
What criteria must each resolution meet?
Each resolution submitted to National PTA is subject to consideration by the resolutions committee.
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