Missouri PTA Teacher Education Scholarships – Deadline is FAST Approaching!

Hello Local Unit & Council Leaders!

Missouri PTA Teacher Education Scholarships are open to any high school senior in a Missouri public high school with at least one PTA/PTSA unit in the school district in good standing.  Only one application is accepted from each school.

Please help us promote this opportunity to the high school(s) in your district by reminding your high school counselor(s) to include the Missouri PTA Scholarship on their website.  They can use this link to connect to the application https://mopta.org/accordion-slider/scholarships/.  The postmark/submission deadline to scholarships@mopta.org is February 15.

You may email the Missouri PTA at scholarships@mopta.org with any additional questions regarding scholarship opportunities available through the Missouri PTA.

Please contact fieldservice@mopta.org with questions or concerns regarding good standing.

Thank you for your help in supporting future Missouri Teachers!