Membership IdeaShare​

Q. What is your strategy for meeting or exceeding your membership goals in the 2nd half of the school year?

A. I like to check that all my PTA/PTSA chairs and volunteers have joined PTA for this school year.  Sometimes people think they joined, or were so busy helping on Back to School Night, that it just didn’t happen.  I like to check my membership roster and make sure that all volunteers are members.

A. Partner up with a business member and offer an incentive for new PTA members, or the spouse of a PTA member, to join.

A. Continue to remind PTA members of the benefits they receive with their membership through National PTA.  In addition, use your unit’s PTA membership card as incentives for free popcorn, ice cream or cotton candy at events, chances to win parking spaces during conferences, free entry to a home basketball game, or even a few dollars off the cost of a yearbook.