Get actuaries into your school

Schools wishing to develop an actuarial mentoring program can apply for a grant from the Actuarial Foundation’s Advancing Student Achievement program. Programs should enhance learning, foster a love of math and aim to bring actuaries from the region into the classroom. For more information, visit The Actuarial Foundation. There is no deadline.

The Advancing Student Achievement (ASA) Grant Program is currently being updated and improved to benefit math classrooms of today and the math classrooms of tomorrow.  Please view this page again to see exciting details about the new ASA grant program in the near future! In the meantime, you are invited to learn about our current Youth Education programs.


Digital Wish: One link, 43 grants

Create a lesson plan with Digital Wish and be entered to win a digital camera lab and up to 43 grants and awards. Each lesson plan will be entered into your class profile, and the top entries will be invited to be part of a national database. Olympus and Tool Factory created Digital Wish to help connect educators with funding for technology. Your digital “wish list” will also be posted so that donors can see what your classroom needs. For more information, visit There is no deadline.


Share your stories of success and struggle.

Does your PTSA unit effectively utilize its students as leaders?    If you have been involved in helping your PTSA unit utilize its students, we’d love to hear from you.    Share your stories so we can help others.

What distinguishes a PTSA unit from a PTA unit is the inclusion of its students, not just as members but also as leaders.    If your unit is not including students as leaders, it should.    Likewise, if your unit is utilizing its students as leaders, we’d love to hear how.

Send us your stories of success and struggles in your unit’s efforts to include the “S” and actually be a PTSA.  If we can all learn from each other’s experiences, then we can ALL make our PTSA units more effective than any of us could do alone. (Click here to submit a story)

Remember to check back here for information that can increase your PTSA’s student involvement.

PTA Three for Me

Three for MeThree4Me – “A little volunteering goes a long way.parents must find time to participate in their children’s education and schools must provide the supports necessary for them to be involved. Three4Me will open the door to parents at every school.”

The Three4Me program helps plug-in parent volunteers by having parents sign a promise card to do at least three hours of volunteering in their school. The Three4Me program will help your PTA unit reach volunteers that you thought were unreachable! Learn how to get Dad’s involved, get helpful forms, and read success stories. Don’t wait, start learning how today! For more information visit PTA Three for Me Program.