September 7, 2015 – Membership Monday – Part 7

Sunday Membership Minute

PTA Leaders,

This will be the last of the weekly Membership Minutes for this week, and then I’ll begin the bi-monthly Membership Monday e-blasts.

Let’s talk recognition and awards!

You do a lot for your unit; more than can be listed on one full page.  Many of your efforts may go unnoticed or unappreciated, only because you quietly continue to work behind the scenes for your PTA/PTSA, and will never ask for anything in return.  Missouri PTA would like to recognize you and your unit for all of that effort!

Awards and recognition are a wonderful method of showing how your PTA goes above and beyond. I am going to highlight a few of them here for you; however, please take some time to look at all the awards available to your unit. Log into the PTA Member’s Section tab of and choose MO PTA Tools. Click on Awards from the show me: bar at the top.

Use these awards as a guideline for how you set goals for your PTA/PTSA unit.

Awards are broken down into categories: Individual, Achievement, Membership, Unit and Non-Application.  Any unit that would like to be considered for an award MUST be a Unit in Good Standing. All dues need to be postmarked by March 1st in order to be considered.  I will point out a few key things, but please take the time to read more about each award on our website.

*Let’s start with Non-Application.  The 1st one you need to note is the Early Bird Award.  Three units that send in the highest membership dues (based on last year’s total) postmarked before September 28, 2015 are eligible to win the Early Bird Award.  Non-Application awards also include the Oak Leaf Award, the Community Involvement Award, and the Golden Gavel Awards.

*Unit awards include the Health & Safety Award, the Parent Education & Engagement Award and the Male Engagement Award.

*Membership Awards include the Outstanding Membership Campaign Award, the Student Membership Award, 100% Faculty Award, and Council & Unit Membership Awards such as the Exclusive 100, the Silver Acorn and the Golden Apple.  I am attaching a few of these membership award applications so that you can get an idea of what applying for the award entails.

*Achievement Awards are Blue and Gold Seal, Council Achievement, Outstanding unit/council website or newsletter and the Advocacy Through Legislation Award.  These are not difficult to achieve, but do take an understanding of what is required so that you may complete the application when the time comes.

Set a goal to apply for at least two of the awards mentioned above!  Show your school and community that your PTA/PTSA deserves recognition for all the wonderful things that are accomplished during your tenure.  Missouri PTA can not wait to award your efforts!

Have a wonderful night and a great week to come,

Rebecca Cahill
Missouri PTA
VP Department of Membership Services