Missouri Safe and Sober Program

SAFE AND SOBER is a non-profit organization, under the Mercy Health Foundation-Springfield, which creates awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and encourages teens to lead a safe and sober lifestyle. After watching a video presentation of the tragic effects drinking can have on their friends, families, and their future, students take a pledge -a written commitment- to stay drug and alcohol free until they are 21 years old.

Safe and Sober is a three part program:

1) The high school program is two-fold. Teens participate in a video based presentation that shows the consequences of underage drinking and how it can change their future forever. Students are then asked to take sign a pledge card to remain safe and sober until they are 21 years old. Students must take the card home and have a parent or guardian sign it, making them aware of the pledge their student is taking. Many high schools combine the program with other activities, including assemblies and docudramas of accident scenes involving drunk drivers to encourage pledge taking and responsible choices.

2) The parent program provides education to parents about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking, including alcohol’s affect on the developing brain. Parents are provided information that helps them set limits and expectations for their teen about underage drinking.

3) The middle school program further engages the high school students who have taken the pledge. High school students will share the reasons they took the pledge and the share the culture of high school that does not include alcohol.

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