Membership Awards

Applications Awards:

Exclusive 100 Award
The Exclusive 100 Award is one of the most noteworthy membership awards in the Missouri PTA.  It takes enthusiasm and dedication to qualify for this “exclusive award”.  Each unit achieving this award will receive two special pins and a certificate.

To Qualify:
• 100% Increase. Unit membership received by the deadline  in the state office must represent a 100% or more increase over the recorded total of the previous year.  Membership must double.
• 100 Member Increase.   Unit membership received by the deadline in the state office must represent a numerical increase of 100 or more members over the recorded total of the previous year.
• 100% Enrollment.  Unit membership must equal or exceed the school’s total enrollment as recorded by the school principal on the Unit Membership Award application provided in this tool kit.  For example, if the school enrollment is listed at 477, the total paid memberships received in the state office by the deadline must be 477 or more.

In order to qualify for the Exclusive 100 Award, a unit need fulfill only one of the three requirements.  If in doubt of your unit’s recorded membership totals for this year or last year, contact a member of your regional team, the state membership chairman, or the Missouri PTA state office.  The awards are mailed to each qualifying unit after approval.

Silver Acorn Award
Units may qualify for the Silver Acorn Award in one of two ways:
1. A unit must have a state-recorded membership total equal to 75-99% of the school’s enrollment as provided by the school principal on the membership award application.
2. A unit must have a state-recorded membership total equal to 75-99% increase over the state-recorded total membership for the previous year.  For example, if last year’s membership was 125, an increase of 93 members would be needed.
Please Note:  Units achieving 100% or more in either of these areas will receive the Exclusive 100 Award, as it is the higher award.  Silver Acorn Awards are distributed at the state convention in October.

Outstanding Membership Campaign Award
The PTA unit with the best overall membership campaign will receive the Outstanding Membership Campaign Award.

100% Faculty Award
A unit may qualify for this award by enrolling all Full Time Certified Personnel assigned to its building as PTA members.  Combined units must count the faculty for each school included within the unit.

Golden Apple Award
Each principal whose PTA unit receives the 100% Faculty Award will also receive a special Principal’s Golden Apple Membership Award.  Both the Golden Apple and 100% Faculty awards will be mailed after the application is approved.

Student Membership Award
Award determined by application. The single PTSA unit that has the highest percentage of student members, based on the school enrollment, is awarded this honor.  (Enrollment figures are to be provided by the school principal.)  It is necessary to differentiate between student and adult members on the roster.  The winner will be notified by email and mail.  This award will be presented at the Missouri PTA Leadership Conference.

Non-Application Awards:

Oak Leaf Award
Units may earn this award by achieving an increase of 10% or more in total memberships over the previous year’s membership -totals.  This certificate may be picked up at the Missouri PTA Convention.

Missouri PTA Honor Roll
To qualify for the Honor Roll, your unit needs to either meet or exceed your previous year’s membership number by March 1st, 2013.  Once qualified, your unit will receive an Honor Roll achievement certificate.   The Honor Roll will be published on the Missouri PTA website and in the May issue of CONTACT magazine.

Early Bird Award
Units which send the Highest Membership based on last year’s total membership sent to the state office Postmarked on or before September 27, 2013, will earn the Early Bird Award and will be recognized at the Missouri State Convention in October.  There will be 3 winners – one in each of the following categories:  Early Childhood/Elementary/Special Ed.; Middle School-Jr. High/Combined Unit and High School.  Winners will be notified by email, mail or a phone call.

Community Involvement Award
This award is presented to the single PTA unit in Missouri that sells the highest number of business memberships during the year.  This award will be presented at Leadership Conference in the spring.  The winning unit will be notified by email and mail.  In case of a tie, both units will be presented with an award.

Golden Gavel Awards
Units that attain the highest achievements in membership earn the GOLDEN GAVEL AWARDS.  These awards are based on the following:

• Unit with the highest NUMERICAL INCREASE.
• Unit with the highest PERCENTAGE INCREASE.
• Unit with the highest MEMBERSHIP TOTAL.
• Unit with the highest MEMBERSHIP based upon school enrollment.

These awards will be presented at the Missouri PTA Annual Convention in Chesterfield, October 2014.  Winning units will be notified by mail and/or email.

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