Early Bird Deadline is Monday, September 29th

The postmark deadline for our Early Bird Award is Monday, September 29, 2014; since the 28th of the month falls on a Sunday.  Membership dues must be postmarked on or before Monday, September 29th to earn the Early Bird distinction.

Thank you.

Kim Weber
Missouri PTA


• PTA Surveys click HERE (in MS Word format)

• Membership section of the Tool Kit.  The Tool Kit is emailed to each unit president during the summer.  It is also available online in the PTA Members Section of this website.

• PTA Membership Quick-Reference Guide.  This is included in the Back-to-School kit from National PTA.  The kit is available online.

• Procedure Book.  This should be passed on to you from your predecessor.  If you didn’t get one, start one now.

• National website:  Check out the latest information & hints about card activation, member benefits and growing your PTA.

• Check out “201 Ways to Increase Your Membership“.

• Search the Internet:  PTA Membership, PTA Membership Campaigns, PTA Membership Ideas, etc.; Look at other State or unit PTA Websites and Newsletters on-line

• CONTACT:  This is a state magazine publication that is online under the PTA Members Section of this website

T.N.T. ~ Today, Not Tomorrow


Planning for how your PTA unit will be the best it has ever been, begins with choosing a theme and setting membership goals! Use the State Membership Theme:  T.N.T. ~ Today, Not Tomorrow, or you can brainstorm one of your own.

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Membership Madness: Go! Grow! Score!

Building Today’s PTA Contest …….

Missouri is currently in 2nd place.

Membership Madness: Go! Grow! Score!

March is Membership Madness Month at PTA. Discover how your PTA can score up to $6,000 just by growing your membership. See the Building Today’s PTA Contest Rules. March is your last month to sign-up and report members before the buzzer sounds on March 31!


MOPTA Early Bird Award Winners

Congratulation Early Birds!
The Early Bird Awards were presented during the Awards Luncheon at the 2009-2010 Missouri PTA State Convention.  Units were recognized for sending in the highest membership based upon last year’s total membership to the state office postmarked on or before September 17, 2010.
Early Childhood/Elementary/Special Education
Shoal Creek Elementary PTA
Liberty School District
Pony Exress Region
Middle/Jr. High/Combined
South Valley Jr. High PTSA
Liberty School District
Pony Express Region
High School
Glendale PTSA
Springfield School District
Ozark Region

Business Members

What is a business member?
Business members are companies that join your PTA, but are usually required to pay a different membership cost than individual members.  Many PTAs offer special incentives for businesses joining their PTA’s.

What does the average PTA charge for a business membership?
There is no specific answer to this since it varies quite drastically across the state.  Dues can vary from $10.00 all the way to $75.00 or more.  As with individual dues, the amount your PTA charges for a business membership is addressed in your bylaws.  Depending on what a PTA is willing to provide a business in incentives, often determines the amount they charge.

What kind of incentives can a PTA offer business members?
The biggest asset you have to offer as a PTA is exposure a.k.a. “advertising”.  You may list your business members in your newsletters, on your PTA bulletin board, your website, student directory, yearbook, etc.  The more you can offer a business, the more your business memberships are worth.

Aside from PTA parents who are business owners, what other places are good to approach for business memberships?
Local businesses located around your school or neighborhoods where your students live.  Your parents are usually their customer base, so what better advertising for them than to show their support of your school.  Just remember….you can never promise a business that you will tell your membership to make a purchase from them, BUT you may tell your members/parents to say “thank you” to that business for their support.

Can a business member attend our meetings or vote on PTA business?
Yes, they can.  They have joined your PTA and therefore are considered a member, but they are only issued one (1) card so no matter how many employees that business has, they only are allowed one vote.

2010-2011 MOPTA Membership Theme


The 2010-2011 State Membership Theme:


Put YOURSELF in the PTA Picture…Join Today!

Being in the PTA Picture means:
Being informed
Being involved
Being a part of the largest child advocacy association
in the nation.

• Remember membership is the
    foundation of PTA at all levels.
• Membership in your unit reaches
    far beyond the walls of your school.
• When you join PTA, you are casting
    a vote of support for your school throughout
    the community.

Be a part of the big picture, the PTA picture….
Join Today!


Unit in Good Standing:

How do we become a Unit in Good Standing?
These are the main elements to being a Unit in Good Standing.
1.  Membership Dues (State & National) turned in regularly to state by dates required
2.  Unit Annual Financial Review (formerly known as “Audit”) to State Office by December 1st
3.  Fiscal Year-End Report to State Office by December 1st
4.  Submits a copy of the required IRS tax from to the state PTA by December 1st
5.  Has bylaws approved every three years according to the procedures of the state PTA
6.  Officer’s list to State Office by March 31st
7.  Adherence to the Purposes & basic policies of PTA

What happens if our PTA is “not in good standing”?
If a PTA is not in good standing, neither the unit nor the students attending the PTA’s school are eligible to receive awards and recognition, e.g., membership awards, Reflections, etc.

If our PTA is “not in good standing” how do we fix it?
If a unit has become “not in good standing”, as soon as it has fulfilled the necessary requirements, it is again considered “in good standing”.

How often do our bylaws have to be reviewed?
Bylaws are required to be reviewed/updated and sent to the state office every three years.

What if we don’t have all the positions filled requested on the Officer’s Form?
Fill in the information known on the officer’s form by March 31st, and then send the other information as positions are filled.

What is the “Fiscal Year-end Report”
This is compiled by the treasurer at the close of the PTA’s fiscal year showing all actual receipts and expenditures.



What are the Membership Awards?
There are several different membership awards.  Early Bird, Golden Gavel, Community Involvement, Students Make a Difference, Silver Acorn, Exclusive 100, 100% Faculty/Golden Apple, Missouri PTA Honor Roll and the Outstanding Membership Campaign Award.

Where can I find the Membership award applications?
Copies of the award applications can be found in the Tool Kit sent to each unit president, on the website under Awards.

When is the last date for dues to count towards awards?
Dues must be postmarked by March 1st, to count toward awards.

What is the deadline for Membership awards?
Membership award applications must be postmarked by April 1st.  The Early Bird, Missouri PTA Honor Roll, Golden Gavel & Community Involvement awards are not application awards and are figured by the state office.

How does our unit make the Missouri PTA Honor Roll?
PTA units that send in dues equal to or greater than the previous year’s membership are automatically placed on the Honor Roll.  Dues must be postmarked by March 1, to count toward this award. (New units and units that did not send in dues the previous year do not qualify for this award)


Can only a parents become a PTA member?
No! Remember the T in PTA stands for teachers, and if your unit is a PTSA, the S stands for students! But don’t stop there. Invite school staff, school district staff, grandparents, business leaders and neighbors to become members. Attend a school board meeting and ask the school district trustees and administrators to become PTA members.

When do we end our membership campaign?
You don’t.  You may sell memberships throughout the year.  While you may want to establish a deadline for certain incentives or prizes, anyone should be able to buy a membership at any time during the school year.

How many membership “drives” does the average PTA have per year?
While membership is always a year round campaign, many PTA’s will have 1-2 focused drives during the year.  Once during the “back to school” months and then again after the new year starts.

Do we have to use the state Membership Theme?
No, it is only provided as a suggestion.  You may use whatever membership theme best fits your school and campaign.

Do we need to keep a Membership Roster/List?
Yes, every PTA needs to keep a list of their members! PTA membership chairmen should keep a list of their current members as they join. Missouri’s NonProfit Law, Chapter 355, Section 355-271 provides that every Missouri nonprofit corporation – like the Missouri State PTA – shall keep a record of members eligible to vote.  Keep the list updated as new members are enrolled. Include the member’s name, address, phone number and child/children’s name(s). You may also want to keep the date they enrolled. If your PTA can communicate electronically, get email addresses from your members as well.

Who should have the Membership Roster/List?
A copy of the membership roster should be kept on file with the president, secretary, treasurer, and membership chairman. The secretary needs a list to verify who is eligible to vote during meetings. The nominating committee should receive the list as a resource for considering members to be proposed for PTA offices. The nominating committee must verify that those persons nominated are members and eligible for office.

How can we increase attendance at our PTA meetings?
Many schools will combine some type of school event with their meetings.  You may want to work with your principal and teachers (music & art especially) to have a music performance or art showcase that starts after your meeting ends.  You might want to consider holding a meeting in conjunction with a PTA program that have activities for students to do while their parents are in your meeting or have the program start after your meeting ends.  Having dinner or food available (donated or for a low cost) is always a great way to get people to show up.